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It's a miracle Tamberlane woke up without crying.
Page 51
Page 52
Maybe Terra needs more practice.
Page 53
There's a five o'clock me inside my clothes, thinkin' that the world looks fine.
Page 63
Let's all go to the river, let's all go to the river!
Page 64
Silly rabbit! Tricks are for kids!
Page 66
I have absolutely lost a three year old under a book before.
Page 67
We've all got to make a living somehow.
Page 73
It's my party, I can cry if I want to.
Page 74
Nah, sorry, she developed invisibility.
Page 79
Page 85
And she was never seen again.
Page 86
Cats and dogs, living together, mass hysteria!
Page 92
Cat dad arrives!
Page 118
I don't know; I think Oakewood would look quite fetching in Avery's dress.
Page 119
Even Piper fears Abroad.
Page 120
Boom went the...hopefully not dynamite.
Page 121
Maybe, just maybe, we shouldn't have any kind of incendiaries, smoke or otherwise, on a boat.
Page 122
Gross. Vomit.
Page 123
Jason recovers smoothly from putting his hindpaw in his mouth. Probably because it happens often.
Page 124
Piper don't got time for your nonsense.
Page 125
Then again, there haven't truly been any side-facing eyes, even on prey creatures. But hey, storytelling.
Page 126
I mean, with all the different creatures that travel from all over, I figured there would have to be something interesting to study. And here you are! An unknown creature thrust into a novel society, begging to be studied! It would be a great service to discover more about how she's learning and adapting, and how does she fit in and how her mannerisms change and whether she can ultimately integrate well into her new circumstances! The possibilities are endless! And I swear that I read some sort of similar case, only with a crocodile in a town in Nawan. You see, the crocodile, his name was Kashi, he was a feral kit, grew up in the woods, and his whole case was just so fascinating! And I see so many parallels here, and can you imagine what sort of valuable information we can glean from such a unique case? Because not only is she some kind of foreigner, but she's completely unknown as a species and we could use more information about the vast mysteries of the world we live in. I mean, what if she's from some lost civilization? Or what if she's a singular specimen entirely? The impact on science and sociology of a long term case study is beyond what I can even articulate at this moment and I'm incredibly grateful for the chance to study such an interesting case and put my name on the map for Sociology and earn my doctorate with this research. I just can't believe such a perfect case fell into my lap before I even really got off the boat! What phenomenal luck! Uncle Claude, you really are a great creature for helping me out with this project
Page 127
Oakewood's objectivity might be a little compromised.
Page 128
I don't think that's how you're supposed to crack a back.
Page 129
Or does she?
Page 130
♫ I'm sick of this life, I just want to scream, how could this happen to me? ♫
Page 133
I have been told that I'm forbidden from drawing Tamberlane like that ever again.
Page 134
An apology? From Tess? It's more likely than you think.
Page 135
Well, she got interested fast.
Page 136
Oops, looks like someone's got the doki-doki's.
Page 137
Who DOESN'T like handpies?
Page 138
It's almost like the crowd is made entirely of player characters
Page 139
Mmmm. Prejudice.
Page 140
It was a lot of fun to draw the snarly faces. Rar!
Page 141
You probably shouldn't give a glass deer to a child, but okay.
Page 143
Glass deers bring glass tears.
Page 144
Eat At Joe's. No, wait.
Page 146
Sugarsnap is my furry Sugarcult cover band.
Page 147
Tamberlane: 5; Oakewood: 0
Page 148
The feeling is actually heartburn.
Page 149
Good thing those pies aren't boiling hot or Mary'd have another scar to add to her collection.
Page 150
Walter is a regular ol' buck fifty.
Page 151
Page 155
They are asshoooolio-lio-lio-s
Page 156
In today's episode, Tamberlane discovers the existence of self-mutilation.
Page 157
he Oakewood Heart Attack Count.
Page 158
Oooh Milo got TOLD!
Page 159
Page 160
Dark and stormy, like my feelings when you won't talk to me.
Page 161
Don't get your bizzy in a tizzy
Page 162
Methinks the Follybrook folk are a mistrustful lot.
Page 163
Oakewood should probably take a break before he needs a new blood pressure med.
Page 164
It's all starting to blend into background noise for Briar. ... Sort of.
Page 165
Carefuller is not a word.
Page 166
So many faces!
Page 174
Bleddyn did a good job ringin' that bell.
Page 175
That's a lotta festivals!
Page 176
Ow. Right in the feels.
Page 179
An apple a day keeps the teacher at bay. And with sharp teeth like that, you want her to stay happy!!
Page 181
Come on, Callie, you gotta take control of your class!
Page 182
[The distant sound of being alone]
Page 183
Page 4:04, not found!
Page 184
How do you explain the unexplainable?
Page 185
And why is it called something so dumb and nondescript?
Page 186
Insert amusing caption here. Sorry, I'm tired lol.
Page 187
Emotions seem to run high around this issue. Wonder why?
Page 188
Throwin' around the 'T' word all casual like.
Page 189
Page 190
I like hurting my audience. Mwahaha.
Page 191
Apparently no one really talks about why we don't talk about Fight Club. I mean, Abroad.
Page 193
What kind of insult is "mudsucker" really? She eats dirt?
Page 194
Use your words, Piper.
Page 195
Oooo, Piper knows the Bad Words.
Page 196
Tamberlane, can you sign "ongoing trauma"?
Page 197
There are certain things society needs and that is: fur coats.
Page 208
Young, hot, and full of... you know ;)
Page 209
Hey! Listen!
Page 210
Oakeblep is best blep.
Page 211
Cries in Background Artist
Page 212
What would you call Scott's species? A bunguana? An igabbit?
Page 213
Oakewood looks like he was given permission to raid the candy store.
Page 214
Finally, a blatant reminder that actual animals exist in this world.
Page 215
Fangk you very much.
Page 216
That's how making pigment works, right?
Page 217
Page 228
Belfry, didn't you volunteer to chaperone Tamberlane...?
Page 229
Callie has Regrets(TM).
Page 230
Turns out the situation is complicated. Whodathunk?
Page 231
Hmm... Perhaps not the best idea.
Page 232
I remember being 20.
Page 233
Who else would make up the town council in a town of roughly 200 creatures?
Page 234
I just want to snuggle Belfry's floof. Is that too much to ask??
Page 235
She's not sorry. You know she's not.
Page 236
Group hug!!!
Page 237
How many colors can I splash into snow before it looks weird? The answer is: a lot.
Page 238
Allowing kits to play around in ruined buildings builds CHARACTER!
Page 239
And the ghosts are just glad there won't be any hyper Pipers disturbing their slumber!
Page 240
There's a lot of planning that goes into hunting ghosts.
Page 241
Mmmmm, digestives.
Page 242
Clearly that's his book of fanfic.
Page 243
It's been far too long for a Milo Yammer.
Page 244
Oakewood, I hate to say it, but you're not *great* at this research thing.
Page 245
Drawing kid pictures is way harder than it looks.
Page 246
Piper, the chaos gremlin!
Page 252
I, too, am my own jerk.
Page 253
And her horns grew 3 sizes that day...
Page 254
Evil villain cackle wheezing is a real problem with The Youth.
Page 255
Piper: Spelling Bee Dropout.
Page 256
Anthony can't catch a break and he knows it.
Page 257
You'd think this was all an excuse for Piper to bite Anthony, but she doesn't really need an excuse for that.
Page 258
Someone get these kids some therapy.
Page 259
Where was she keeping that lantern? The world may never know.
Page 260
Get with the program, Anthony.
Page 262
Tamberlane just wants everyone to be happy :(
Page 264
It's so useful, keeping that flash paper up their sleeves...
Page 265
Annoying Piper is a Treehollow passtime.
Page 266
Page 267
Tam-Tam gonna throw hand-hands
Page 268
Sounds like meal coordination in Treehollow is a little more difficult!
Page 269
Despite how dark it is, it's pretty early in the evening. It's Winter in the north!
Page 270
Only babies are scared of thousand-toothed, unresting monsters who stalk you in the night!
Page 271
It's a hard-knock life for Cur.
Page 272
It seems Tam is struggling in more ways than one.
Page 273
C'mon, Belfry, read the room.
Page 274
Belfry is forever destined to A BOOT TO THE HEAD
Page 275
Tamberlane can't seem to get away from her sterling reputation.
Page 279
Parsley takes a moment to speak some truth!
Page 280
Mmm. Bugs.
Page 281
Someone please put gloves on Tamberlane. She does not have fur, you dumb butts!
Page 286
What? Regrets?? It's almost like kids act without thinking through consequences!
Page 287
Tamberlane's a single-minded dynamo.
Page 288
Cur's got that "Innocent Piper" expression down pat.
Page 289
Cur I don't think that's how you apologize
Page 290
Page 291
I think Cur's a little freaked out...
Page 292
Ah yes, the "reactive jerk" mode of panic.
Page 293
And the concussion count goes up by 1 once more.
Page 294
You know, Jonas, you probably could have told her this without climbing down...
Page 295
We'd hate for Jonas to sfixiate!
Page 296
I wouldn't kill a kid! ... Right? :3
Page 297
How are they gonna get out of this one?!
Page 298
Turns out roots aren't very strong for saving children from drowning.
Page 299
You're not looking too good, Tam! You might want to warm up a little soon.
Page 300
Look at that lil cow/alligator/dog go!
Page 301
Oh no, she cry :(
Page 302
Ah, nothing like a midnight pee in the woods. In the snow. Barefoot.
Page 303
Mmm, yes, these are reasonable fears to have, right?
Page 304
You might want to get your hearing checked, Bel!
Page 305
Belfry begins her MMA career with an attempt to suplex a child.
Page 306
It might have helped to have more than one light source but hey, you do you, boo.
Page 307
Belfry, there's more than just Tamberlane in danger, ya dingus!
Page 308
Why yes, it IS a rope!
Page 309
Thank goodness the otter came with!
Page 310
Jonas is definitely perfectly fine. Yep!
Page 311
Oakewood's got a secret hankering for historical romance, eh??
Page 312
Apparently Milo is a chronic door-slammer. Who knew?
Page 313
I wonder how they clean sweat out of their fur, since he's clearly sweating buckets right now.
Page 314
Oakewood's book-eating habit is getting out of control.
Page 315
It wouldn't be a page of Tamberlane if there weren't kids crying.
Page 318
I see in your tea leaves ... a very sad baby.
Page 319
Welp, your promise has clearly failed. Look what you've done, Genevieve.
Page 320
Jentzen is supposed to be worse at conveying his emotions than this, but I'm not great at that yet. I keep trying though!
Page 321
I know some of the balloons are in a funky read order but I decided to keep it so that it lent to the confused "what is time" feeling of the page.
Page 322
His parents clearly were in the middle of their morning coffee when they heard the alarms.
Page 323
The last two panels were some of the easiest flatting ever.
Page 324
Don't worry, Cur's not dead. Kira fetched him back to camp like Jason asked her to on Page 308.
Page 326
That is definitely how it happened.
Page 327
You have the right to be a jerk, just like I have the right not to listen to you UwU
Page 328
"Where are the rest of the kits in the cart?" you ask? They're in "Caytlin cuts corners so pages come out faster" land.
Page 329
This whole town needs a real vacation lol
Page 330
Kira? Doing long division? I roll to disbelieve
Page 331
Old council, more like ... jerks, am I right
Page 332
Callie is a Christian, which is why God is capitalized.
Page 333
Ellis? More like SMELLIS, haha gotem
Page 334
FOR NOW, dun dun DUN...
Page 335
When will you learn that your actions have CONSEQUENCES?!?!
Page 336
Sad little meow-meow :(
Page 337
Tess is the type to work through the pain.
Page 338
Timmothy, haven't you been paying attention??
Page 339
Poor Timmothy. He's trying so hard and missing the mark every time.
Page 340
Bet you forgot all about that scene in the start of Chapter 4 by now!
Page 341
I want to know the contents of Statute 113-42.
Page 342
The what now?
Page 343
Medical technology in Treehollow is decently advanced, as it turns out!
Page 345
Go to bed, Belfry.
Page 347