☙ About the Author ❧

Tamberlane is written, drawn, and maintained by Caytlin Vilbrandt, with the help of a team of talented individuals!.

Caytlin is a queer disabled woman from the Pacific Northwest who lives and breathes comics, art, and design. She writes, draws, and maintains Tamberlane for her day job but also illustrates and does graphic design on the side. Inspired heavily by the worlds of Beatrix Potter, Redwall, The Secret of Nimh, and others like them, she created Tamberlane as a way to pour her childhood love of talking critters into an exciting new adventure.

Her greatest passion is telling emotionally complex stories where there is no blatant villain, for the most common evils in the world are more complicated than Good and Bad. She is also passionate about characters from marginalized backgrounds going on adventures that have nothing whatsoever to do with the trials and tribulations of their marginalized identity.

She is also known for her work in previous projects such as the My Little Pony fandom-made shipping card game, Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder; former webcomics, like Walking on Broken Glass and Tar and Feathers; and work on various Roan Arts games, such as Hunters and MLP:RiM.

She lives with her husband and two cats, and spends a lot of time listening to Broadway musical soundtracks or watching true crime docuseries on Netflix. She also dabbles in game design, web design, and tabletop RPGs.

An Important Note to All Readers...

Caytlin lives with fibromyalgia, a disorder which means she's in varying levels of pain 100% of the time. Her health always comes first, and therefore sometimes the comic has to go on brief breaks while she rests and recovers. However, Tamberlane is her pride and joy, and she is always passionate about getting pages out as quickly and consistently as possible! Thank you for your enthusiasm and patience when she has to rest.

Co-written and edited by: Ari Noble

Ari Noble is the co-writer and editor for Tamberlane, and hopes he can help make every reader in the world cry at least once. He is also the head writer for the webcomic Mothorial as well as a singer/songwriter, inspired by his love of reading and overwhelming need to keep creating cute OCs with tragic and emotional story arcs. As an asexual, nonbinary artist, Ari strives to be an advocate for the LGBT community, both in his life and in his work. He lives with his husband Andy and their feisty feline twins, Charlie and Bambi, along with recent kitten addition, Holiday "Holly" Piper Greene.

Inked by: Jonas and Caytlin

Jonas is an artist originally from California, currently living in the Pacific Northwest. He's been drawing professionally for about two decades, and is currently part of several webcomics production teams.

Flatted by: Elle Pierre, Knack Whittle, and Caytlin

Elle Pierre is an illustrator and colorist specializing in kidlit and comic art. Her work draws influence from the Saturday Morning cartoon blocks of the 80s, tapping into the warm nostalgic feelings of childhood innocence and wonder. Elle has previously done color work on the middle grade graphic novel TWINS (Graphix, 2020), as well as illustrated the guest comic Cold Stone Parsley for the Tamberlane Chapter 3 Kickstarter.

In her free time Elle enjoys reading, watching Defunctland, and drawing fanart.

Nakata "Knack" Whittle is a sequential artist (storyboards, comics, writing) based out of northern Maryland. They enjoy urban fantasy and sci-fi stories with queer themes, unique world-building, complicated interpersonal relationships, and found family.

Currently, they are working with 2Gen Labs out of Boston's GBH. Whittle is also working on various short web-animation pilots including as the Lead Background Designer on the Sunflower Club's The Figment.

Whittle has worked as a flatter and colorist for Scholastic Graphix, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Dark Horse, and for Caytlin Vilbrandt on her webcomic Tamberlane.

As part of the SVA Cartooning Class of 2021, Whittle received the 2020 Will Eisner Sequential Art Scholarship, the highest awarded to the Cartooning Major. They also received the Rhodes Family Award upon graduation.

Webtoons formatting by: It Puddle

My name is Koda Star, but I also go by Puddle!! I'm a self-taught independent creator. I express myself and experiences through my work; making and sharing my original art, music, story comics, animations, and youtube videos since 2008.

Outside of that, I interpret dreams, read tarot, and have a perfect pet snail named Cucu.

Marketing and copy by: Nicole "Thornwolf" Dornsife

Nicole “Thornwolf” Dornsife is an independent illustrator, designer, and content marketer. With over a decade of in-house, agency, and freelance marketing communications experience, she aims to help other creatives enhance their marketing strategies on a manageable scale through content marketing.

In this role, she helps by creating content for Tamberlane’s social media presence and maintaining a great experience for supporters of the comic by way of special offers, announcements, and Patreon strategy.

You can view Nicole’s art and learn more about her services and experience on her website at

Social media & Patreon posts maintained by: Hope Opossumcorn & Elle Pierre

Hope has been referred to as Caytlin’s “indispensable” assistant, but she prefers to be known as the irresistible minion. She currently resides in the Pacific Northwest, and is responsible for posting Tamberlane on all social media platforms, as well as the mailing list and Patreon. In her spare time she likes to travel, customize her mountain of plastic horses, and hug baby possums.

Postcards and other mail aided by: Marsha

Marsha is a dear friend who does not maintain an internet presence!

IT and Website maintenance by: Ryan Vilbrandt

Ryan is Caytlin's wonderful husband and number one fan! He wrote comic_git, the engine that the Tamberlane website runs on, and has ever been a partner in crime for creative projects, including Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder.

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Monetary support of Tamberlane goes toward our rent and bills, purchasing merchandise to sell in the shop, and paying my assistants to help me out with the nitty gritty of keeping this operation going. As the Patreon grows, I hope to hire some talented folks to help me with the actual production of the comic so that I can get pages out faster.

However, money is far from the only way to support Tamberlane! Sharing the comic with your friends is the number one way to help out. Comments, words of support, fanart and other fanworks, and even just speculating on the story are wonderful, wonderful things that help keep me going when the creative fuel tank is low.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the patience and support you've lent me over the years. You guys rock!

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