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One day, the citizens of Treehollow discovered a small, strange creature wandering alone in Rattleglen Forest. Clearly much too young to be on her own, and with limited verbal communication skills (though she gets by with a little sign language), it’s anyone’s guess how this mysterious being, named Tamberlane, ended up in their care.

Fostered by Belfry, the accident-prone bat with a heart of gold, and guided by a colorful cast of animal characters, Tamberlane’s mysteries continue to unfold. But one question remains on everyone’s mind: who (or more specifically, what) is she?

Tamberlane updates every Wednesday and is rated PG13 for occasional casual nudity.


Learn More About Caytlin

Tamberlane is written, drawn, and maintained by Caytlin Vilbrandt.

Otherwise known as Pixel Prism, Caytlin lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and fuzzy pets, drawing comics for a living. She was inspired by childhood memories when she came up with Tamberlane as an homage to the works of Beatrix Potter, as well as Brian Jacques's Redwall series and other wonderful books. (Other more contemporary inspirations include Steven Universe, Wolf Children, and Moana.) She is also an LGBTQ+ creator and enjoys creating fiction with queer characters doing things that have nothing to do with being queer. She also feels ever-so-slightly weird writing this bio in the third person, but she will nonetheless persevere!

Caytlin also lives with chronic pain and occasionally has to take short breaks from the comic so she can heal, much to her deep regret. Thanks for your patience!

You can contact her at

A photo of Caytlin, the artist