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Page 230

Posted on
September 16, 2020

Chapter: Chapter 4

Characters: Belfry, Jason, Callie, Finn, Trisha

Tags: Cameo

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Author's Notes:

Holy toledo!!! It's the 50th page of this chapter. Damn!

Meanwhile, time for a conversation with Callie...!

Finn the otter is a Patreon cameo from Logan Madiso! Thank you for lending me your otter!! Trisha, the fox driving the second cart, is a cameo from Whyaylooh! Thank you so much as well!!


JASON: Hey, so what happened with Jentzen, Callie?

BELFRY: Oh, yes! Tamberlane mentioned something of the sort.

CALLIE: It... It's a long story.
JASON: Hey, it's a long ride to the Bluffs! Why not tell us a story?

BELFRY: Jason has a point. And the kids will be talking about it...

CALLIE: I suppose...


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