Tamberlane is a webcomic about a clumsy bat and her very human baby...

The animal citizens of Treehollow have discovered a small, strange creature wandering alone in the forest: a human child! And they have no idea what it is. Clearly much too young to be on her own, it’s anyone’s guess how this mysterious being, named Tamberlane, ended up in their town of Treehollow.

Fostered by Belfry, the accident-prone bat, and guided by a colorful cast of animal characters, Tamberlane’s mysteries continue to unfold. But questions burn in everyone’s minds: who, and what, is she? And could she have something to do with the far-off and unspeakable taboo, Abroad?

Updates every Wednesday.

Rated PG-13 for themes of xenophobia and childhood neglect.

Prefer to Hold Your Comics?

Tamberlane is also available in physical form! Each chapter is printed on luscious coated paper with gold foil on the covers and a hefty chunk of extra content unavailable on the website.

We also have the Tales from Treehollow, a collection of short comics and stories that round out the world and characters of Tamberlane! They're all written by the team and drawn by independent artists, and each sale supports the indies who worked on it. Pick up some Tales from Treehollow!

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