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Fanart Interlude: Jazz DaFunk

Fanart Interlude: Jazz DaFunk published on 6 comments

I commissioned Miss Jazz DaFunk for a Belfry and LOOK HOW CUTE IT TURNED OUT! You should absolutely check out her work!


As for why we have fanart this week instead of a page, there are two reasons!

One, I spent last week organizing and running a week long charity event for our local cat cafe! (We raised over $5000, after fees! I’m SO PROUD!) It was phenomenally fun and successful, but also stressful and exhausting, so I’m taking a little bit of a break this week to ease off the gas. I know we’re in the middle of a pivotal scene, so I’m super sorry about that – but health comes first!

Two, the next page I’m working on has 55 characters on it and so I’m making sure I don’t run out of buffer before I finish it! The charity event threw a bit of a wrench in my schedule, but it was time sensitive and kind of sudden. So we do what we must!

Anyway, if you want to see how this scene ends, $10+ patrons get my entire buffer as it comes out!Support Here! Otherwise, you’ll have to wait til next week for a new page. Sorry, you guys! But thanks for holdin’ tight — and enjoy this adorable art!

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