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Page 136

Posted on
April 25, 2018

Chapter: Chapter 3

Characters: Belfry , Briar , Milo , Oakewood , Tamberlane , Tess , Walter

Tags: Cameo

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Author's Notes:


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OAKEWOOD: Well, now that rubbish is taken care of, I'd like to take the niblet off your hands for the day.
MILO: ...recovers...quickly...from...emotional...turmoil.

BELFRY: Oh, Oakewood, that would be wonderful
TESS: Why?

OAKEWOOD: So you don't believe I'd do it to help you out?
OAKEWOOD: Fair enough.

OAKEWOOD: We're going to take her around the festival and observe her.

TESS: We? Who's this bloke?

OAKEWOOD: Nun, jetzt, wo das geklärt ist, würde ich euch beiden die Kleine den Rest des Tages entführen.
MILO: ...verarbeitet...emotionalen...Stress...sehr...schnell.

BELFRY: Oh, Oakewood, das wäre wundervo...
TESS: Warum?

OAKEWOOD: Du glaubst also nicht, dass ich euch einfach einen Gefallen tun möchte?
TESS: Nein.
OAKEWOOD: Auch egal.

OAKEWOOD: Wir nehmen sie mit zum Fest und beobachten sie.

TESS: Wir? Wer ist dieser Kerl?

OAKEWOOD: Bem, agora que o lixo foi tratado, eu gostaria de tirar a pequena das suas mãos pelo dia.
MILO: ...recupera-se...rá

BELFRY: Oh, Oakewood, isso seria ótimo
TESS: Por quê?

OAKEWOOD: Então você não acredita que eu faria isso pra te ajudar?
TESS: Não.

OAKEWOOD: Nós vamos levar ela pelo festival e observar ela.

TESS: Nós? Quem é esse cara?


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