Briar Waliton Prentice, the Long-Suffering Sibling






May 12


Baker's Apprentice, Student


Treehollow, Silver Sage


Tess (mom), Walter (dad), Belfry (sister), Tamberlane (niece)

About Briar

Briar is your typical teenager, doing her best to just survive her adolescent years in order to grow up. She is very serious about contributing to society, but she also isn’t always sure how to go about it, and her inexperience leads to mistakes which lead to a bout of temper. Still, under all her teenager-y moodiness, she’s a kind heart with a good soul. She loves her family and her town and would do anything to keep them safe.

Ages Throughout the Comic
Page Age Human Years
Chapter 1 Start 14 18
Chapter 4 Start 15 19

Briar's Story

"Belfry? I had a nightmare. Can I sleep with you tonight?"

The pudgy little badger-deer looked up at her older sister with a nervous expression, blunted claws hugging her bedgraggled stuffed dog to her chest.

Belfry grimaced in annoyance. "Briar, I sleep upside down. Like a real bat. You can't sleep with me."

"I can, too!" Already Briar waddled quickly for the ladder that led up to the padded branch Papa Walter had installed. "See? Watch! Belfry, watch!"

"No! Briar, stooop! This is my tree!" Belfry flailed her wings a little, trying to frighten her sister off, but only succeeded in whapping her across the face.

Briar fell back on her butt in the pile of cushions beneath her 'bed' and scrunched up her nose. And then she wibbled. And then she started to cry.

Belfry's ears flicked back. Okay, her baby sister was annoying, but... She sighed, letting herself fall to the cushions in a heap next to Briar. "Okay, okay. You can't sleep with me, but I'll sleep with you down here. How's that?"

Briar sniffled and crawled into her sister's wings, curled up against the world. "Will the monsters be able to get us here?" she asked quietly.

"No. No monsters here."