The Cast of Tamberlane

This page is a work-in-progress! Each month, a new character will be added to the site, chosen by my Patrons. Each character will be accompanied by a drabble -- a 100-word story that will tell you a little more about them. Enjoy!


Belfry Baker. Click to embiggen!

Belfry Baker

Species: Bat/Squirrel(?)
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Occupation: Waitress

Belfry is a bat, with (she thinks) a bit of squirrel mixed in. She's clumsy, well-meaning, naive, sweet, and tries her hardest to do the very best she can! 

Belfry's First Appearance: Page 3

"Shhhh. It's okay."

It was not okay. Where was Papa? Where was Mum? The batling writhed in discomfort, too warm under the strange covers and too hot to fling them free.

"Little Belfry, don't fret so much."

A new voice. He knew her name. Whimpering, Belfry opened her eyes, tears leaking from their  corners. "Papa," she cried.

The two hazy silhouettes hesitated. "Your papa is gone, little one," one said. "You're sick. Please just rest, and we'll figure out what to do after."

Gone? What did they mean, gone? If her mum and papa were gone, they'd be back soon. Right?

She was enveloped in strange scents and warm fur. They were gone and she was wrung out, too tired and sick and exhausted to think anymore.

She slept.


Claude Oakewood. Click to embiggen!

Claude Oakewood

Species: Coyote
Gender: Male
Age: 62
Occupation: Librarian

He's not grumpy, you're just inconsiderate, loud, and far too energetic for an old yote like him. As much as he likes to bark, residents know he's not much for biting. Honestly, he seems to care far more about the residents of Treehollow than he would ever admit. 

Oakewood's first appearance was on page 25.

Every day, the same routine.

Get up at precisely four-thirty-five in the morning. Use the necessary. Comb fur. Put on clothes. A precisely groomed appearance is the mark of a gentleman. I may not be a gentleman, but at least I can get close.

Water the plants. Make tea. Oatmeal is best served with a smidgeon of honey. Extravagant? Maybe. But at my age, you can afford to be a little extravagant.

Here, my routine diverges since the little pest came to Treehollow. Before, I would spend my day in my rocking chair in Cutter's Corner, reading books and greeting library patrons. Now, I'm swamped with research. Ever more research. What are you? Where did you come from? Why haven't you any fur except that matted mop on the top of your overlarge cranium?

I suppose only time -- and effort -- will tell.


Marie, Sylvia's Daughter. Click to embiggen!

Marie, Sylvia's Daughter

Species: Skunk
Gender: Female
Age: 7
Occupation: Child

Marie is the sunniest little personality you could ever meet. She's sweet and demure and kind, and always thinks the best of others (though it's a trial, sometimes). Her major weakness is sugar: she has a bit of a sweet tooth, and sugar makes her uncommonly hyper.

Marie's first appearance was on page 63.

"Marie? What's wrong then, luv?"

Parsley sat down beside the younger skunk, who quickly wiped at her cheeks and sniffled. "Oh-- Parsley. I was... I was coming to talk to you."

The fox wrapped an arm about her shoulders, pulling her into him in a one-armed hug. "Well, if there's anything I can do to help Treehollow's biggest little heart, by all means! What can I do for you?"

"I... I brought you this," Marie said, slipping a paw into her pocket to withdraw an old locket, so dented it couldn't possibly be opened. "My-- My mummy is sick and I don't know what to do." Tears spilled over her cheeks again as her voice hitched with emotion. Parsley looked stricken and confused. 

"Miss Terra? Or Miss Sylvia?"

"Sylvia. Mummy Terra said not to worry, but I can tell she's worried, and Mummy Sylvia's been asleep with a fever for a few days, and... You've got to know something! Don't you? Please!" She pressed the locket into his paw, beseeching him desperately.

Parsley frowned in sympathy and curled his paw around hers and the locket. "Keep your necklace, Marie," he said gently. "But I think I can help."


Tamberlane, Belfry's Daughter. Click to embiggen!

Tamberlane, Belfry's Daughter

Species: Unknown
Gender: Female
Age: 3
Occupation: Child

The eponymous Tamberlane is a strange creature that the citizens of Treehollow found in the woods. She's not very good at communicating verbally, but she seems to know a bit of pidgin Trissol (Silver Sage Sign Language). How she wound up in the Rattleglen Forest is anyone's guess.

Tamberlane's first appearance was on page 20.

Cold. Bored. Alone.

What's that? In the short trees!

Kitty! Deer...? Hi good morning!

Hungry, food, feed me! 

Hi, kitty. Touch kitty. ... Ow! Kitty?? Bad? I did bad?

Ow, no push! No push! What is ghost? Kitty ghost?

No touching! No touching, bye bye kitty! Bye bye!

Ow, scared, scary! No touching, no push, no--


Parsley Carver. Click to embiggen!

Parsley Carver

Species: Red fox
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Occupation: Server at the Wealthy Jackal, information broker

Parsley is a goofy kid with a heart of gold who tries to help others help themselves. In his spare time, he works down at the Wealthy Jackal inn and tavern, serving tables and helping keep the place clean as he keeps an ear out for interesting new information.

Parsley first appeared on page 73.

"Come on, man, I'm desperate!" Holly stamped her hoof in annoyance, her paws planted firmly on her hips. "You just don't want to help me because I'm a girl!"

Parsley wrinkled his nose in confusion. "What? What sort of a reason is that? I don't want to help you because you're being a rude git."

"Well, I'm older than you so you HAVE to help me!" she shot back, slamming her fist on his table and forcing him to lunge forward to keep the top from flipping off its feet. 

"Holly, I don't..." He sighed in annoyance, pinching the bridge of his muzzle. He flopped back into his seat, his arms crossed over his chest. "Fiiiine, let's see what you've brought, then."

Smiling in triumph, the sheep opened her fist to reveal a piece of quartz. "This whet your appetite, todd?"

"It's a rock," he said, picking at his nails. "It doesn't exactly wow me."

"UGH, come ON, Parse! It's pretty, isn't it? See how it catches the light? It almost looks magical!"

"...It's a rock," he repeated.

"Come on, I just want to know if Emir likes me! That's got to be worth a pretty rock."

Sighing, Parsley finally picked up the quartz and examined it. He turned it this way and that, and finally shrugged. "Alright, then, Holly. I accept your payment."

"And??" The sheep clasped her paws together, biting her lip.

"And he doesn't. Have a good day!"

With that, the fox hopped up and darted away before Holly could grab him.