Penny Noriton, the Mischievous Puppy


Grey Fox/Domestic Dog




July 31




Treehollow, Silver Sage


Henry (dad), Nora (mom), Parker (brother)

About Penny


Ages Throughout the Comic
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Chapter 1 Start 3 5
Chapter 3 Start 4 6
Chapter 4 Start 5 7

Penny's Story

Everything had been so different since Tamberlane had showed up.

Belfry and her mum and her dad and so many creatures had been rushing about, always so worried about this and that, and the poor thing looked so scared all of the time. It was just like when Parker had been born, but Tamberlane was way older than Parker was!

Well, if no one else’ll be her friend, I will!

Why were the other kits afraid? Tamberlane was just like everyone else! Just a little quiet, and she had no fur, and she talked with her hands, but she liked to play and laugh just like Parker did! Besides, her dad had always told her to be kind to other creatures, no matter who they were! If Piper or Parsley or anyone made Tamberlane upset, she would stand up for her.

It’s kind of like having another little sibling, she thought happily to herself as she and Tamberlane stacked books in the corner of the room. But now I have a little sister, too!