Nora Doctor, the Little Doctor


Grey Fox




December 14


Town doctor


Shepherd's Tail, Silver Sage


Henry (husband), Penny (daughter), Parker (son)

About Nora

Nora may seem like a down-to-earth mother who knows how to do everything, but inside she’s a young adult with a thirst for adventure that she put aside to raise a family. She’s wry, silly, and often has a longing to go make trouble that’s tempered by her motherly worries for her kids. She’s a Nawanese second-generation immigrant, having been born in Shepherd’s Tail, a small village in greater Silver Sage.

In her downtime, when she’s not doctoring, mentoring, or mothering, she loves to paint and has a pretty decent talent for it. Once Terra graduates to a full-fledged doctor, she plans on taking more time off to hone her skills.

Ages Throughout the Comic
Page Age Human Years
Belfry is Adopted 5 7
Chapter 1 Start 21 27
Chapter 4 Start 22 28
Bally Bluffs Trip 23 29

Nora's Story

At the end of the day, Nora could barely do more than fall into Henry's easy chair and try not to fall asleep just yet. It was exhausting, lately. Between her pregnancy and the awful epidemic hitting Treehollow, it felt like she could barely catch a moment of rest.

"Strawberry? Honey? Do you want a backrub?" And there he was, the big lug of her life. She loved Henry dearly, but lately he was so worried about their first pup that he was treating her like she was made of glass.

"Thank you, but no, darling," Nora sighed. "I just want to sink in here and not move for a while."

"Rough day?" Henry came and sat gently down on the footstool. Despite his size, he was the gentlest giant in the world.

"The roughest," Nora agreed. "We lost Ansel today. The fever just came on too fast." She rubbed her eyes, fighting back the exhaustion and tears. "I couldn't cool him down fast enough. And now one of the Gardeners is down..."

"Oh, geez," Henry said softly, his ears drooping in sympathy. But then they perked again, a little. "How about I make up some stew and bring some to the Carvers and the Gardeners?"

"Henry, that would be amazing. Give them my love, would you?" She yawned. "I'm just my eyes a bit..."

And just like that she was asleep, lost to the world.