Henry Sawyer-Sheriff, the Good-Hearted Dog Cop


Domestic Dog (Golden Retriever/German Shepherd mix)




February 28




Tangled Branch, Silver Sage


Sierra (mom), Bruno (dad), Nora (wife), Penny (daughter), Parker (son)

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Ages Throughout the Comic
Page Age Human Years
Belfry is Adopted 5 7
Chapter 1 Start 22 28
Chapter 4 Start 23 29

Henry's Story

“Hey, Finneas, what’re you doing?”

The rabbit kit jumped, spilling his small bucket of paint all over the ground as he turned to face the mountainous figure in front of them. His voice quivered as he responded. “N-nothin’, sir.”

Henry knelt down in front of the kit as they watched him apprehensively. “Looks like you were doing a little art project on Councilman Timmothy’s wall. Are you upset at him?”

The rabbit’s lip quivered. “N-no. I was just mucking about.”

Henry put his paw on the rabbit’s shoulder. “You know, I think it’s great that you want to express yourself.” He tilted his head to the wall. “But maybe it’d be better not to do it where someone has to come clean it up, right?”

Finneas looked up at the sheriff and slowly nodded his head. “Yeah, I know.”

“Tell you what,” Henry grinned. “There’s an old wall downtown that’s a real eyesore. You want to bring your paints and brighten it up a bit?”

The kit’s tail quivered with excitement. “R-really? I’d love to!”

Henry smirked. “But maybe we’d better clean up this mess first, huh?”

The pair worked together, and by the time the sun was setting, the wall looked good as new. As he led the cheerful little rabbit downtown, Henry smiled. This town was full of good creatures. Sometimes they just needed a little patience and a helping paw.