Parker Noriton, the Growing Puppy


Grey Fox/Domestic Dog




July 25

Age (at First Appearance)

1 Month

Age in Human Years (at First Appearance)

2 Months




Treehollow, Silver Sage


Henry (dad), Nora (mom), Penny (sister)

About Parker

Parker is Henry and Nora's youngest child. He's quiet and inquisitive, and doesn't talk very well yet, but he's bright and kind. He adores his sister Penny and will follow her to the ends of the earth, and also he has a problem with shoving or biting anyone who gives her trouble. His favorite toy is a wooden bird on wheels that he pulls on a cord.

Parker's Story

Penny’s eyes widened as the little infant warbled in her arms. “Mum, he’s so tiny.”

Nora smiled gently and adjusted Penny’s grip. “Careful, sweetheart. Make sure you keep one paw under his head.

Penny looked up at her mum brightly. “I’m gonna teach him everything!”

Henry, who was watching from the corner with prous tears in his eyes, chuckled at this. “He’ll be lucky to have an older sister like you, Pen.”

Parker didn’t quite understand who these three huge creatures were, but he did know one thing: when he was with them, he felt safe. As he looked up at the one holding him, who’s face smiled down at him, he smiled back.