Terra Prentice, the Loving Assistant Doctor

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November 26


Doctor's Apprentice


Treehollow, Silver Sage


Keena (mom), Gustav (dad), Maya (wife), Marie (daughter)

About Terra

Terra is a somewhat recent addition to Treehollow, having moved here alone in her teenage years. She was taken in at first by the Bakers, but in short time she apprenticed herself to Doctor Nora and moved in with her and Henry. She loves kids, loves to help creatures, and loves to make sad people happy; and though she’s still somewhat young in her apprenticeship, she’s shown a lot of promise.

Ages Throughout the Comic
Page Age Human Years
Belfry is Adopted 3 5
Chapter 1 Start 19 24
Chapter 4 Start 21 27

Terra's Story


Terra lifted her exhausted head, her ears twitching toward the source of tiny skunk paws in the hallway. "Yes, Marie, darling, I'm with Mummy Maya."

The little skunk ducked inside, her paws clasped oh-so-carefully in front of her, as though she were sheltering a butterfly between her palms. "Mummy," she sniffled, "I got something that would help Mummy Maya."

"Was it your sunny smile?" Terra asked, leaning down to help her onto the bed so she wouldn't have to relinquish her burden just yet. Maya groaned fitfully in her sleep, one ear twitching.

"No," giggled Marie, her smile fleeting. "Parsley had magic."

"Magic? Well, goodness! I'm sure that will be very helpful. May I see?"

Marie nodded solemnly, and slowly she tilted her top paw off, revealing her holy relic. Inside sat a sparkling piece of quartz. Though the light in the bedroom was low, it caught what was there, scattering soft motes around the little girl's paws.

"Parsley says if we believe really hard, and think of Mummy Maya with all our hearts, and then hold this rock really tightly..." She faltered, looking down at it. "'s silly, isn't it?"

"No," Terra was quick to say, gently brushing Marie's forelock from her eye. "It's not silly at all. I believe in magic. Do you?"

Marie was quiet a moment, and then she nodded, a faint smile turning up her lips. Terra folded her paws around Marie's, so that they both cupped the stone together. "Let's think of Mummy Maya as hard as we can," she says, "and pour aaaaall our love into this magic stone. That way she can keep it close to her and always know we love her."



Marie took a deep breath, looked to her other ailing mother, and then nodded to Terra as serious as can be.