Winnifred Chef-Gardener, the Giant Wallflower

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August 31


Gardener and Chef aboard the Jumpin' Guppy


Suncastle, Silver Sage



About Winnie

Winnie has always been exceptionally tall and gangly, with giant wings and giant arms and giant ears that are all easy to trip over or bang on things. She tries to make herself as small as possible, and unfortunately it doesn't work. Still, she's found a long-term home on the Jumpin' Guppy under the care of Captain Gillian.

Ages Throughout the Comic
Page Age Human Years
Belfry is Adopted 5 7
Chapter 1 Start 21 27
Chapter 3 Start 22 28
Chapter 4 Start 23 29

Winnie's Story

"Back straight, Winnie ol' girl," Gillian said, smacking her lower back with a heavy thump of his tail. The bat straightened like a shot, trying to stir a little faster. "Yes, sir."

A wet cough sounded through the cabin, and Winnie found herself hunching again, only to be corrected once more.

"It's not contagious," Gillian reminded her in an undertone. "We don't have to worry, eh?"

"Yes, sir," Winnie replied softly. She couldn't help but look over at the pair huddled in the guest area. One was a bat, though not a bat like her. (Few bats were bats like her.) One of them looked so pale and sickly, she could barely stand to look at her.

They were forbidden from telling anyone they made these trips. Winnie wasn't sure if it was necessarily illegal, but it wasn't something other creatures would look fondly on. Gillian had drilled that into her head from an early age. She didn't like these trips, honestly. Mortality is a hard thing to confront as a teenager.

"Eyes forward," Gillian growled, and Winnie focused on the stew pot once more.