Anthony Averiton, the Anxious Piper-Watcher


Domestic Cat




October 20




Treehollow, Silver Sage


Avery (mom), Jason (dad), Piper (sister), Georgia (half-sister)

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Anthony's Story

It had happened again.

Anthony sat on his bed, arms crossed, as his sister paced in front of him across the wood panelled floor of their bedroom. Her heavy breathing filled the awkward silence before she turned to him with determination.

“They can’t do this to us! It’s cruel! It’s evil! Just because we-”

You, Pipes,” Anthony responded, rolling his eyes. “You put salt in mum’s sugar bowl. I didn’t do anything, and now we both get time-out.”

Piper shook her head. “We’re in this together, Anthony! Don’t you see? They’re trying to tear us apart!” She dashed to the window and pulled at the blinds. “If we make a blanket rope, I can climb down and get us help. They can’t keep us locked in here like this!”

The black cat turned to his sister and thought for a moment before sighing. “Come here, sis.” He patted the bed beside him. Piper looked at him, hesitating, before obliging, climbing up next to him.

“I was gonna read a story, if you want to listen,” he said to her with a small smile. “It’s a really good one.”

Piper thought this over. “I guess it’s important to have fun while we’re stuck in here,” she admitted. “If we don’t, we might go crazy!”

Anthony reached to his bedside table and lifted the book he’d been reading, and opened it wide to begin. As his sister got comfortable next to him, her quick breathing calming down, Anthony smiled again. He loved his big sister, but sometimes, he felt like he was the older one.