Piper Averiton, the Devious Little Hellcat


Domestic Cat




March 21


Student, Mischief Maker


Treehollow, Silver Sage


Avery (mom), Jason (dad), Anthony (brother), Georgia (half-sister)

About Piper

Piper is always in trouble, and for good reason: ‘trouble’ is her middle name! Creatures are her pawns and machinations are her hobby. Still, deep down she does care about other creatures and does her best to be good in her own way. Just, sometimes being good is so much harder than being bad!

Ages Throughout the Comic
Page Age Human Years
Chapter 1 Start 5 7
Chapter 4 Start 6 8

Piper's Story

"Whoa!" Piper carefully pushed the bushes aside, ears alert.

"Piper, don't go near it," Briar said nervously.

"Pleeeease don't!" wailed Anthony, clinging to the badger-deer.

"Shh shh, it's fine." Slowly, Piper approached the ghost-monster, paws out cautiously. "Heeeey little ghost..."

Though the creature's screaming died down to a manageable whimper, Piper could see the fury in its eyes. And it started to come toward them! And as its gaze shifted menacingly to Anthony, Piper growled and lunged forward, swatting at its paw. "No you don't! You don't go after my brother!"

The monster reeled back and screamed, baring its teeth. Piper snarled in challenge, valiantly charging. "BEGONE, FOUL BEAST!" she howled, and with one mighty push, the monster ... was vanquished!