Avery Tailor, the Cool-Headed Cat Mom


Domestic Cat (Nawanese Bobtail)




October 29






Jason (ex), Anthony (child), Piper (child)

About Avery

Avery has spent most of her life wrangling hyperactive kids or demanding customers so she tends to have a pretty cool demeanor. She’s pretty quick to let things go and spends a lot of time trying to keep one step ahead of her kids. It’s not easy being a single mom!

Ages Throughout the Comic
Page Age Human Years
Belfry is Adopted 11 15
Chapter 1 Start 27 34
Chapter 4 Start 29 37

Avery's Story

Another night alone.

Avery nursed the small glass of wine she'd poured herself, gazing disconsolately at the flickering lantern on the table. It's not that she begrudged Jason his entertaining. It's not that he was a bad father, or that they fought all that often. No, she understood that his job called him away frequently. And more than that, he had a spirit for adventure.

And what did she have? A spirit for staying close to home. Gardening and sewing and digging into the mud with the kids. That's what she enjoyed.

As much as she hated to admit it, it was becoming clearer by the day: they were just fundamentally different creatures. Not just different... but incompatible.

What would they tell the kids?