Belfry Baker, the Clumsy Bat






March 12


Baker at Hubba Grub


Treehollow, Silver Sage


Tess (mom), Walter (dad), Briar (sister), Koss (bio mom), Jeremy (bio dad)

About Belfry

Belfry comes from a bat and a lemur-squirrel, creating her unique hybrid nature. She’s clumsy, well-meaning, naive, sweet, and tries her hardest to do the very best she can! It's thanks to her earnest naivety that, upon finding Tamberlane in the woods, she decides to take on the incredible task of raising a child, despite her own perceived shortcomings. Few creatures can boast a heart like Belfry's!

Ages Throughout the Comic
Page Age Human Years
Belfry is Adopted 2 3
Chapter 1 Start 19 24
Chapter 4 Start 20 26

Belfry's Story

"Shhhh. It's okay."

It was not okay. Where was Papa? Where was Mum? The batling writhed in discomfort, too hot under the strange covers and too cold to fling them free.

"Little Belfry, don't fret so much."

A new voice. He knew her name. Whimpering, Belfry opened her eyes, tears leaking from their corners. "Papa," she cried.

The two hazy silhouettes hesitated. "Your papa is gone, little one," one said. "You're sick. Please just rest, and we'll figure out what to do after."

Gone? What did they mean, gone? If her mum and papa were gone, they'd be back soon. Right?

She was enveloped in strange scents and warm fur. They were gone and she was wrung out, too tired and sick and exhausted to think anymore.

She slept.