Walter, the Stoic Deer


White Tail Deer




April 30


Baker and Business Owner


Tchikesk, Ruchirrik


Tess (wife), Briar (daughter), Belfry (daughter)

About Walter


Ages Throughout the Comic
Page Age Human Years
Belfry is Adopted 23 29
Chapter 1 Start 40 50
Chapter 4 Start 41 51

Walter's Story

“Спокойной ночи малышки.”

The white tailed deer drew the door nearly closed, leaving just a crack for light to pour in on his two daughters. Briar tended to get scared of the dark, and he needed to listen for if Belfry woke up. She was so young. Too young to be alone like this.

She’s yours, now, Walter thought firmly to himself as he made his way into the kitchen to grab a beer. He gave Tess a kiss on the head as he passed her armchair and made his way to the front door.

“You going out? It’s late,” Tess asked in her quiet nighttime voice, already adjusting once again to having a baby in the house. Walter turned around as he put his coat on.

“Just taking a walk, dear,” he responded as he opened the front door and stepped out into the crisp night air, popping the cap on his beer on the railing outside with a practiced flourish.

As he walked beneath the bright harvest moon, Walter breathed out a gruff sigh which he could see in front of his maw. Things were going to be different now. Life could change on a dime. Not that he didn’t already know that.

She’s yours, now, Walter repeated to himself. You have two daughters. He would have thought the idea would fill him with anxiety, as unexpected as it was, but instead, he felt a surge of pride. He might have been the quiet type, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t often deep in thought. Briar would need help adjusting, and he would be there to guide her through. Belfry was still frightened by her new surroundings, and he would always hold her close. Tess already had so much on her plate, and he would make sure she wasn’t going through it alone.

No matter what it took, he would keep his family, larger now than it had ever been before, safe. That was his duty, and his privilege.

But sometimes a nice walk, just him, the night air and a nice bottle of beer, didn’t hurt.