Tess Baker, the Stubborn Badger






August 20


Baker and Business Owner




Walter (husband), Briar (daughter), Belfry (daughter), Tamberlane (grandchild)

About Tess

Tess is, above all, a strong personality. She never does anything in half-measures: she loves wholeheartedly and can hold a grudge like no one’s business. She’s aware of these faults in herself, but sometimes her emotions just carry her away.

Once one of the proudest and best pit fighters the country of Silver Sage had to offer, she has since settled down into a domestic life of motherhood. … Still, sometimes she wishes she could get away with just a little fighting again. But that would be foolish.

Ages Throughout the Comic
Page Age Human Years
Belfry is Adopted 20 26
Chapter 1 Start 36 45
Chapter 3 Start 37 46
Chapter 4 Start 38 48

Tess's Story

The feverish little fluffball tossed and turned in their bed. Tess stared worriedly, claws clasped to one cheek.

"What are we going to do?"

"At least for now, we take care of little detka. Like the note says." She felt Walter's arm around her shoulders, solid and warm. She leaned into him.

"How could they leave her?" she whispered. "How could Jeremy and Koss just leave their baby like that? With us?"

"You saw. Koss is sick."

"...Yeah..." Tess stared a moment longer, and finally gave Walter a little squeeze before untangling and sitting gently on the bed. "Belfry?" She stroked the little creature with her claws, as softly as could be. "Don't worry, Belfry. You're safe with us. We're..." She glanced back at Walter, who nodded gently.

"We're your parents now. And we'll never ever leave you."