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Page 133

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March 14, 2018

Chapter: Chapter 3

Characters: Aria, Becca, Belfry, Briar, Isaiah, Mimfry, Tamberlane, Tess, Walter

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Author's Notes:

Look at all these Patreon cameos:

The little pink kangaroo mouse is Mimfry, patreon cameo of StarshineBeast!

The mail squirrel is Aria, patreon cameo of Steve Streza!

The deer cameo is Becca, patreon cameo of Specs AK!

And the panther cameo is Isaiah, patreon cameo of NoteWorthy!

Thanks so much for your support, you guys!!

One Good Year for Anastasia

My friend's 6 year old daughter, whom I based Tamberlane on, has a fatal brain tumor and a prognosis of 1 year to live. I'm asking folks who love Tamberlane, if they're able, to throw a couple of dollars at their GoFundMe to give Anastasia a wonderful last year. Find out more here.


WALTER: Here returns Auntie Briar!

TESS: Belfry! You've ruined those pies!
BELFRY: And who started that?!
TESS: Well, maybe if you weren't yelling at me!

PANTHER: Are the Bakers still fighting?
SQUIRREL: I'm still delivering Belfry's mail at the Library, so...
DEER: Poor Briar!
KANGAROO-MOUSE: I wonder if flowers might help?

BRIAR: I swear, sometimes I feel like the only adult in this family.

WALTER: Добро пожаловать назад, оленька
TESS: Спасибо, Папочка

WALTER: Aqui volta a Titia Briar!

TESS: Belfry! Você arruinou essas tortas!
BELFRY: E quem começou isso?!
TESS: Bem, talvez se você não estivesse gritando comigo!

PANTERA: Os Bakers ainda estão brigando?
ESQUILO: Eu ainda estou entregando o correio da Belfry na Biblioteca, então...
VEADO: Pobre Briar!
RATO-CANGURU: Me pergunto se flores ajudariam?

BRIAR: Sério, as vezes eu acho que sou a única adulta nessa família.

WALTER: Добро пожаловать назад, оленька
TESS: Спасибо, Папочка


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