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Look at that little guy!
Chapter 1
Velvet Chanterelle is my mushroom punk band.
Page 3
Page 4
Walter has developed great reflexes around Belfry.
Page 5
That can't be good.
Page 6
Rudeness is Piper's middle name!
Page 7
Poor Anthony. He tries.
Page 8
Belfry stared into the abyss, and the abyss stared back.
Page 14
Every day life with Belfry: a barrel of pie.
Page 15
Good on you for going to BAT for justice, Belfry.
Page 16
Who needs breathing when you have babbling incoherently?
Page 17
Piper rules the fourth wall, and no one is surprised.
Page 18
Knick-knack paddywack, give a bat a concussion.
Page 19
The real ghost was in Belfry all along.
Page 20
The fiercest of predators.
Page 21
Peas in Treehollow and goodwill towards bats.
Page 22
It's the name of the comic. Duh!
Page 23
You know what they say about assumptions, Belfry.
Page 24
Plink plonk.
Page 30
Henry has abandonment issues; they're just about other creatures being abandoned, not him.
Page 31
It's okay, Tess; Belfry has Protagonist Glow.
Page 32
I walk in the rain, in the rain. Is it right or is it wrong? And is it here that I belong?
Page 33
Mother used to say, if you want, you'll find a way. But mother never danced through fire showers.
Page 34
Belfry better rein in that "if looks could kill" stare.
Page 35
Well, she certainly can't breathe when Belfry's hugging her like that.
Page 36
a b r o a d
Page 37
I feel like this is all just happening too fast for Tess to process without impulses.
Page 38
Objection! She's badgering the witness!
Page 39
You're not wrong, Walter. You're just an ... well.
Page 40
Mistakes were not made.
Page 41
What a lovely little picnic!
Chapter 2
The best part of waking up is a TODDLER'S FOOT IN YOUR FACE
Page 43
That's one way to stop the crying.
Page 44
Tamberlane is actually just practicing for her metal band.
Page 45
Supplies in a closet: 1; Belfry: 0.
Page 46
As bad as it is to open that, just think how bad it would be to be the one stuck wearing it.
Page 47
What a proud swamp mama.
Page 48
Folding a cloth diaper is truly black magic.
Page 49
Finally, some rest.
Page 50
It's a miracle Tamberlane woke up without crying.
Page 51
Page 52
Maybe Terra needs more practice.
Page 53
The deadliest pit trap since lego!
Page 55
Big Blue is my Tamberlane bluegrass band.
Page 56
She's a little old for a bottle, but the thought counts.
Page 65
Silly rabbit! Tricks are for kids!
Page 66
I have absolutely lost a three year old under a book before.
Page 67
Nah, sorry, she developed invisibility.
Page 79
No wonder she messes things up: she has bats in her belfry!
Page 80
People who bake regularly.
Page 81
You spin my heart right round, right round
Page 82
mum mummy mum mum mummy mum mummy
Page 83
A soft place to land. Like Belfry's ruff.
Page 84
Page 85
And she was never seen again.
Page 86
Like mother, like daughter
Page 89
Page 90
Thank goodness for long tails.
Page 91
Cats and dogs, living together, mass hysteria!
Page 92
None of that self-defeating nonsense!
Page 93
We all let our insecurities get the best of us sometimes.
Page 94
No one could possibly understand her the way I do, in the less than 24 hours I've known her!
Page 95
Tamberlane is going to get very good at catching knives around Belfry.
Page 96
Tamberlane learned that sign earlier this chapter!
Page 97
Bah, he says. Oakewood shoulda been a sheep.
Page 98
Wait, a cover that's actually pertinent to the events in the chapter? What nonsense is this?
Chapter 3
And so we move from Summer to Fall!
Page 100
I wouldn't enjoy raw venison either.
Page 101
Oakewood looks kind of like a drama teacher in that outfit.
Page 102
All Tamberlane wants is Peas in Treehollow.
Page 103
Page 104
Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right.
Page 105
I regret to inform you Belfry that that is not how boundaries work.
Page 106
Tess seems like a bit of a rough mother to have.
Page 107
You can pick your nose, you can pick your friends, and you can pick your friend's nose.
Page 108
Perhaps we can't all be wise all the time.
Page 109
Over Piper's short life, she's already accrued over 18 years of grounding.
Page 111
Mom senses: they get you every time.
Page 112
From one animal to another.
Page 113
Pot, Kettle.
Page 114
One can imagine that Piper takes after her dad.
Page 115
Piper has big round eyes when her black little heart feels things. Or when she fakes like she feels things.
Page 116
Despite her misgivings, Belfry has agreed to help her mother.
Page 117
Or does she?
Page 130
They have Feelings™
Page 131
She tried so hard, and got so far. But in the end, it doesn't even matter.
Page 132
♫ I'm sick of this life, I just want to scream, how could this happen to me? ♫
Page 133
I have been told that I'm forbidden from drawing Tamberlane like that ever again.
Page 134
An apology? From Tess? It's more likely than you think.
Page 135
Well, she got interested fast.
Page 136
Who DOESN'T like handpies?
Page 138
Good thing those pies aren't boiling hot or Mary'd have another scar to add to her collection.
Page 150
Walter is a regular ol' buck fifty.
Page 151
Page 152
It's fine; Belfry can sell peanuts ringside!
Page 153
Tess is stirring a pot of, presumably, hot sugar with a toddler on her shoulder. I'm sure it's fine.
Page 154
It's all starting to blend into background noise for Briar. ... Sort of.
Page 165
Carefuller is not a word.
Page 166
Too bad there are no adults here.
Page 167
This is the 69th page of chapter 3. B)
Page 168
Get out the popcorn!
Page 169
Aw, Tess has some decent reasons to be afraid...
Page 170
I swear I wrote this whole Great Outbreak deal *long* before COVID.
Page 171
Page 172
Page 173
Heheheh FIRE!
Page 178
Ow. Right in the feels.
Page 179
Tfw you're struck by the heart-deep pain of potential loss from the possibility of sending your orphan critter away to die in the wilderness, lest you have to abandon the only family you've ever known.
Page 180
Tamberlane, can you sign "ongoing trauma"?
Page 197
Sometimes I wish I could put actual sounds in comics, just to be able to get across the frantic little slapping sound of snappy, distressed signing.
Page 198
"Yeah, I'll start a fight. And I'll end it too!! From time out!!"
Page 199
Sometimes you don't need words.
Page 200
"We don't solve our problems with violence, Piper!" Typical.
Page 201
Seems Parsley's household is pretty busy with Cur, eh?
Page 202
But the way Tam lights up, though.
Page 203
I hear "books!" in a Twilight Sparkle voice.
Page 204
Because all mothers are clairvoyant, you know!
Page 205
Sometimes it's hard to find the right words to ask, "Am I an abomination?"
Page 206
It's not like that! It's like this other thing. You know, like... you know?
Page 207
There are certain things society needs and that is: fluffy hugs.
Page 208
Yakety Sax plays in the background as they navigate this conversation.
Page 209
Hey! Listen!
Page 210
Oakeblep is best blep.
Page 211
Cries in Background Artist
Page 212
A blatant reminder that actual animals exist in this world.
Page 215
Fangk you very much.
Page 216
That's how making pigment works, right?
Page 217
Are you ready for your teeth to hurt from how SWEET THIS IS?
Page 218
Now to write and illustrate an entire kids book in the middle of a comic. No sweat, right??
Page 219
Sometimes I feel I've got to (BUM BUM) run away
Page 220
And then Oakewood busts in, derailing the conversation before you can learn important information about Abroad!
Page 223
I cannot tell you how long my friend and I discussed the sewer system of Treehollow. Hint: it was a long time.
Page 224
You can't hug your father, but you can make sure he poops in a toilet!
Page 225
Aaa! Real monsters!
Page 226
This story has a 20% likelihood of being less depressing than the last one!
Page 227
Oops, All Feelings.
Page 228
Page 229
Belfry, didn't you volunteer to chaperone Tamberlane...?
Page 230
Callie has Regrets(TM).
Page 231
Turns out the situation is complicated. Whodathunk?
Page 232
Hmm... Perhaps not the best idea.
Page 233
I remember being 20.
Page 234
Who else would make up the town council in a town of roughly 500-1000 creatures?
Page 235
I just want to snuggle Belfry's floof. Is that too much to ask??
Page 236
She's not sorry. You know she's not.
Page 237
Group hug!!!
Page 238
How many colors can I splash into snow before it looks weird? The answer is: a lot.
Page 239
Allowing kits to play around in ruined buildings builds CHARACTER!
Page 240
There's a lot of planning that goes into hunting ghosts.
Page 242
Sounds like meal coordination in Treehollow is a little more difficult!
Page 270
Despite how dark it is, it's pretty early in the evening. It's Winter in the north!
Page 271
It seems Tam is struggling in more ways than one.
Page 274
C'mon, Belfry, read the room.
Page 275
Belfry is forever destined to A BOOT TO THE HEAD
Page 276
Nothing like a kid silently screaming I HATE YOU to make you feel like the worst mother.
Page 277
Bel, I thought you hated when your mother did that to you.
Page 278
Mmm. Bugs.
Page 282
What did you do? Good question...
Page 283
Then again, Nora's oldest is like... 4, so...
Page 284
Fluffy, fluffy cheeks!
Page 285
Now I want Cheer Up Biscuits.
Page 286
Mmm, yes, these are reasonable fears to have, right?
Page 305
You might want to get your hearing checked, Bel!
Page 306
Belfry begins her MMA career with an attempt to suplex a child.
Page 307
It might have helped to have more than one light source but hey, you do you, boo.
Page 308
Belfry, there's more than just Tamberlane in danger, ya dingus!
Page 309
Why yes, it IS a rope!
Page 310
Thank goodness the otter came with!
Page 311
Jonas is definitely perfectly fine. Yep!
Page 312
Oakewood's got a secret hankering for historical romance, eh??
Page 313
I staunchly refuse to shoehorn sexuality into a story that doesn't otherwise address it. But that doesn't mean I don't want the characters to express themselves AS themselves, authentically.
Q&A 1
I know some of the balloons are in a funky read order but I decided to keep it so that it lent to the confused "what is time" feeling of the page.
Page 323
His parents clearly were in the middle of their morning coffee when they heard the alarms.
Page 324
The last two panels were some of the easiest flatting ever.
Page 325
Need more cute Walter/Tess moments!
Page 326
Bel needs a little bit of a comb.
Page 345
Medical technology in Treehollow is decently advanced, as it turns out!
Page 346
Please do not love your daughter to death. Literally.
Page 347
Go to bed, Belfry.
Page 348
What time is it? Belfry-Spiral-o-clock? But it's ALWAYS Belfry-Spiral-o-clock!
Page 352
Yes, solitary confinement is the only way. Surely there are no better solutions
Page 353
Get your shit together, Belfry!
Page 354
Page 355
Tess has some flaws.
Page 356
Belfry also has some flaws.
Page 357
Good on you, Briar.
Page 358
Don't stay out too long, Bel, or you'll get frosty toes!
Page 359
It's not Belfry without bodily injury.
Page 388
In case you're wondering, the Bakers live above their bakery. That's why Belfry is running from upstairs.
Page 389
Guess they haven't made up yet.
Page 390
"Who's this new character?" asks the audience insert.
Page 391