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Page 394

Posted on
June 12, 2024

Chapter: Chapter 5

Characters: Belfry, Tess, Walter

Inked by: Caytlin

Flatted by: Caytlin

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Author's Notes:

Oooo, tasty lore~


WALTER: All right, then?
TESS: Yes, I just...
TESS: I don't like that she keeps running off to Claude of all creatures.

TESS: He pulls her in, props her up, fills her head with poison about us...
TESS: And then when she needs him most, he abandons her like a coward!
TESS: Why does she still care what he thinks?!

WALTER: Oakewood is like the tree he lives in. Deep roots, looks stable, but hollow inside. It is not her. It is him.
WALTER: Ever since Jimmy, the way he treats you...Долбоёб. He is selfish.

WALTER: You are right. Belfry needs stability. Claude is not stable. Family is stable.
TESS: We must be there for them. Belfry, Briar. Tamberlane.

TESS: I'm so worried about all of them.
WALTER: Ah, my love. To love is to worry...