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Page 14

Posted on
August 06, 2016

Chapter: Chapter 1

Characters: Belfry, Coriander, Tess

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Author's Notes:

This pie has seen some serious disaster in its very short time on this planet.


BELFRY: How was the pie today, Miss Coriander?
MISS CORIANDER: Excellent, as always, Belfry.



BELFRY: Tess! I'm SO SORRY! I wasn't watching!

TESS: Belfry, I have a funny feeling...
BELFRY: Is it pie?

BELFRY: Comment était la tarte aujourd'hui, Mlle Coriander?
CORIANDER: Excellente, comme toujours.



BELFRY: Tess! Je suis VRAIMENT DÉSOLÉE! Je ne faisais pas attention!

TESS: Belfry, j'ai un mauvais pressentiment...
BELFRY: Est-ce que c'est de la tarte?


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