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Page 38

Posted on
October 28, 2016

Chapter: Chapter 1

Characters: Belfry, Henry, Oakewood, Tamberlane, Tess

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Author's Notes:

Uh oh.

Save Jonas from Drowning!

Hey, you know Jonas? The little raccoon gremlin in the bully trio who is drowning in the comic at this very second? Yeah, that Jonas -- or at least, the patron behind his cameo, needs our help! Like his character, Jonas has been underwater for some time and struggling to cobble together a safety net. So once again we're banding together to put our collective talents to fundraise a cushion for him!

The Tamberlane Twitch channel is hosting a single-day charity stream to help him pay back a small loan and then amass some security so he can make more strides in his debts and keep afloat.

So come join us on the May 28th, 11am - 3pm PST at the Tamberlane Twitch channel and help us save Jonas from drowning by getting amazing sketch commissions from me and other artists!!

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OAKEWOOD: Well. I'd like to get out of this rain. Officer Sawyer, I take it Doctor Nora is at home asleep?

SAWYER: Well, she said she'd be up, but she hasn't had a lot of sleep lately what with the new puppy so I'd rather let her sleep, if I can...
OAKEWOOD: Yeah, yeah. The leg'll hold til morning. She can stop by the library then.

HENRY: The library?

OAKEWOOD: Didn't you hear me, pup?

OAKEWOOD: I'm starting a new research project. They're staying with me.
BELFRY: We are?

OAKEWOOD: You've made it abundantly clear you're not interested. Can't have it both ways, badger britches.

HENRY: This just gets worse and worse.
WALTER: Oh dear.

OAKEWOOD: Gut. Ich möchte gern aus diesem Regen raus. Officer Sawyer, ich nehme an, Dr. Nora ist zu Hause und schläft?

SAWYER: Nun, sie hat gesagt, sie wäre wach, aber sie hat in letzter Zeit nicht viel geschlafen, wegen unseres neuen Welpen, also würde ich sie lieber schlafen lassen, wenn ich kann...
OAKEWOOD: Jajaja. Das Bein wird bis zum Morgen halten. Dann kann sie in der Bibliothek vorbeischauen.

HENRY: Der Bibliothek?

OAKEWOOD: Hast du mich nicht verstanden, Kleiner?

OAKEWOOD: Ich starte ein neues Forschungsprojekt. Die zwei bleiben bei mir.
BELFRY: Tun wir?

OAKEWOOD: Du hast mehr als klar gemacht, dass du nicht interessiert bist. Man kann nicht beides haben, Dachsfellhose.

HENRY: Das wird immer schlimmer und schlimmer.
WALTER: Au weia.

OAKEWOOD: Bem. Eu gostaria de sair da chuva. Policial Sawyer, eu assumo que a Doutora Nora está em casa, dormindo?

SAWYER: Bem, ela disse que ia se levantar, mas ela não tem tido muito descanso ultimamente com o novo cachorrinho, eu deixaria ela dormir, se eu pudesse...
OAKEWOOD: Sim, sim. A perna vai segurar até a manhã. Ela pode passar na biblioteca então.

HENRY: A biblioteca?

OAKEWOOD: Não me escutou, cãozinho?

OAKEWOOD: Estou começando um novo projeto de pesquisa. Eles vão ficar comigo.
BELFRY: Nós vamos?

OAKEWOOD: Você deixou bem claro que não está interessada. Não pode ter dos dois jeitos, trancinhas de texugo.

HENRY: Isso só fica pior e pior.
WALTER: Ó bem.


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