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Page 37

Posted on
October 25, 2016

Chapter: Chapter 1

Characters: Anthony, Belfry, Briar, Henry, Oakewood, Piper, Tamberlane, Tess, Walter

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Author's Notes:



TESS: Bel, don't you get it?

TESS: The care this thing needs... We don't have the facilities here in Treehollow.

TESS: You'd have to go... abroad.

BELFRY: I don't CARE. Nothing you say will make me put it back!
TAMBERLANE: Don't care!

TESS: Belfry, you don't understand!
BELFRY: Oh, I understand perfectly! Stop treating me like a child! I'm nineteen!

ANTHONY: This is a bad idea.
BRIAR: I love Belfry, but...yeah.
PIPER: Brilliant! I can't wait to see all the BLOOD!


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