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See? He literally just flipped the sign!
Page 25
All Oakewood needs in that last panel is for an ACME anvil to fall on his head.
Page 26
Ainsley missed their calling as an actor.
Page 27
Imagine if all Treehollow residents ever said was 'jibber-jabber' though.
Page 28
Who can read stories about ghosts when you have a chance to actually meet one?
Page 29
Mother used to say, if you want, you'll find a way. But mother never danced through fire showers.
Page 34
Belfry better rein in that "if looks could kill" stare.
Page 35
Well, she certainly can't breathe when Belfry's hugging her like that.
Page 36
a b r o a d
Page 37
I feel like this is all just happening too fast for Tess to process without impulses.
Page 38
That's one way to stop the crying.
Page 44
Tamberlane is actually just practicing for her metal band.
Page 45
As bad as it is to open that, just think how bad it would be to be the one stuck wearing it.
Page 47
What a proud swamp mama.
Page 48
Folding a cloth diaper is truly black magic.
Page 49
Cats and dogs, living together, mass hysteria!
Page 92
None of that self-defeating nonsense!
Page 93
We all let our insecurities get the best of us sometimes.
Page 94
No one could possibly understand her the way I do, in the less than 24 hours I've known her!
Page 95
Tamberlane is going to get very good at catching knives around Belfry.
Page 96
Tamberlane learned that sign earlier this chapter!
Page 97
Bah, he says. Oakewood shoulda been a sheep.
Page 98
Wait, a cover that's actually pertinent to the events in the chapter? What nonsense is this?
Chapter 3
And so we move from Summer to Fall!
Page 100
I wouldn't enjoy raw venison either.
Page 101
Oakewood looks kind of like a drama teacher in that outfit.
Page 102
You can pick your nose, you can pick your friends, and you can pick your friend's nose.
Page 108
Perhaps we can't all be wise all the time.
Page 109
Cat dad arrives!
Page 118
I don't know; I think Oakewood would look quite fetching in Avery's dress.
Page 119
Maybe, just maybe, we shouldn't have any kind of incendiaries, smoke or otherwise, on a boat.
Page 122
Gross. Vomit.
Page 123
Jason recovers smoothly from putting his hindpaw in his mouth. Probably because it happens often.
Page 124
Piper don't got time for your nonsense.
Page 125
Weird fur pattern meaning "none" and then "a lot"
Page 126
I mean, with all the different creatures that travel from all over, I figured there would have to be something interesting to study. And here you are! An unknown creature thrust into a novel society, begging to be studied! It would be a great service to discover more about how she's learning and adapting, and how does she fit in and how her mannerisms change and whether she can ultimately integrate well into her new circumstances! The possibilities are endless! And I swear that I read some sort of similar case, only with a crocodile in a town in Nawan. You see, the crocodile, his name was Kashi, he was a feral kit, grew up in the woods, and his whole case was just so fascinating! And I see so many parallels here, and can you imagine what sort of valuable information we can glean from such a unique case? Because not only is she some kind of foreigner, but she's completely unknown as a species and we could use more information about the vast mysteries of the world we live in. I mean, what if she's from some lost civilization? Or what if she's a singular specimen entirely? The impact on science and sociology of a long term case study is beyond what I can even articulate at this moment and I'm incredibly grateful for the chance to study such an interesting case and put my name on the map for Sociology and earn my doctorate with this research. I just can't believe such a perfect case fell into my lap before I even really got off the boat! What phenomenal luck! Uncle Claude, you really are a great creature for helping me out with this project
Page 127
Oakewood's objectivity might be a little compromised.
Page 128
I don't think that's how you're supposed to crack a back.
Page 129
An apology? From Tess? It's more likely than you think.
Page 135
Well, she got interested fast.
Page 136
Oops, looks like someone's got the doki-doki's.
Page 137
Who DOESN'T like handpies?
Page 138
It's almost like the crowd is made entirely of player characters
Page 139
Mmmm. Prejudice.
Page 140
It was a lot of fun to draw the snarly faces. Rar!
Page 141
Oakewood's frozen heart has melted. Silly yote.
Page 142
You probably shouldn't give a glass deer to a child, but okay.
Page 143
Tamberlane: 5; Oakewood: 0
Page 148
The feeling is actually heartburn.
Page 149
Page 155
In today's episode, Tamberlane discovers the existence of body modification.
Page 157
Add another to the Oakewood Heart Attack Count.
Page 158
Oooh Milo got TOLD!
Page 159
Page 160
Dark and stormy, like my feelings when you won't talk to me.
Page 161
Don't get your bizzy in a tizzy
Page 162
Methinks the Follybrook folk are a mistrustful lot.
Page 163
Oakewood should probably take a break before he needs a new blood pressure med.
Page 164
So many faces!
Page 174
That's gonna leave a stain.
Page 177
Ow. Right in the feels.
Page 179
There are certain things society needs and that is: fluffy hugs.
Page 208
Yakety Sax plays in the background as they navigate this conversation.
Page 209
Hey! Listen!
Page 210
Oakeblep is best blep.
Page 211
Cries in Background Artist
Page 212
Oakewood looks like he was given permission to raid the candy store.
Page 214
A blatant reminder that actual animals exist in this world.
Page 215
Are you ready for your teeth to hurt from how SWEET THIS IS?
Page 218
Mmmmm, digestives.
Page 243
Clearly that's his book of fanfic.
Page 244
It's been far too long since the last Milo Yammer.
Page 245
Oakewood, I hate to say it, but you're not *great* at this research thing.
Page 246
Drawing kid pictures is way harder than it looks.
Page 247
Apparently Milo is a chronic door-slammer. Who knew?
Page 314
I wonder how they clean sweat out of their fur, since he's clearly sweating buckets right now.
Page 315
Oakewood's book-eating habit is getting out of control.
Page 316
-eats popcorn-
Page 317
Q&A 3
It's a run-by Clauding!
Page 349
Snapdra-what? SNAPDRA-WHAT???
Page 350
So much for Unca.
Page 351