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Page 163

Posted on
November 07, 2018

Chapter: Chapter 3

Characters: Danger, Milo, Oakewood, Tagg, Tamberlane

Tags: Cameo

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Author's Notes:

Spooky scary happenings!

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Orders through the preorder store still count towards our stretch goals. If you want the updated, higher quality versions of Chapters 1, 2, and 3, you can pledge for them there and get us closer to the reprint stretch goal! (And if we don't hit the goal, you won't be charged for them.)



OAKEWOOD: That's absolute nonsense.

TAGG: Before you dismiss me, hear me out. There's something strange happening Abroad.

DANGER: Areas are blocked off or quarantined. No one will say why.

TAGG: And creatures from Follybrook are vanishing.

OAKEWOOD: Come now! This has nothing to do with Tamberlane! Quarantines? Missing Creatures? That's utter poppy!

TAGG: You just don't want to believe me!


OAKEWOOD: Das ist absoluter Quatsch.

TAGG: Bevor du mich Lügen strafst, lass mich ausreden. Draußen ist etwas seltsames im Gange.

DANGER: Ganze Gebiete werden abgeriegelt oder unter Quarantäne gestellt. Niemand will sagen, warum.

TAGG: Und Bewohner von Follybrook verschwinden spurlos.

OAKEWOOD: Ach komm schon! Das hat doch alles nichts mit Tamberlane zu tun! Quarantäne? Vermisste Leute? Das ist totaler Schwachsinn!

TAGG: Du willst mir nur nicht glauben!


OAKEWOOD: Isso é absolutamente absurdo.

TAGG: Antes de me ignorar, me escuta. Tem algo estranho acontecendo no exterior.

DANGER: Areas estão bloqueadas ou em quarentena. Ninguém diz por quê.

TAGG: E criaturas de Follybrook estão desaparecendo.

OAKEWOOD: Fala sério! Isso não tem nada a ver com a Tamberlane! Querentenas? Criaturas sumidas? Isso é tudo besteira!

TAGG: Você só não quer me acreditar!


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