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Page 163

Posted on
November 07, 2018

Chapter: Chapter 3

Characters: Danger, Milo, Oakewood, Tagg, Tamberlane

Tags: Cameo

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Author's Notes:

Spooky scary happenings!

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OAKEWOOD: That's absolute nonsense.

TAGG: Before you dismiss me, hear me out. There's something strange happening Abroad.

DANGER: Areas are blocked off or quarantined. No one will say why.

TAGG: And creatures from Follybrook are vanishing.

OAKEWOOD: Come now! This has nothing to do with Tamberlane! Quarantines? Missing Creatures? That's utter poppy!

TAGG: You just don't want to believe me!


OAKEWOOD: Das ist absoluter Quatsch.

TAGG: Bevor du mich Lügen strafst, lass mich ausreden. Draußen ist etwas seltsames im Gange.

DANGER: Ganze Gebiete werden abgeriegelt oder unter Quarantäne gestellt. Niemand will sagen, warum.

TAGG: Und Bewohner von Follybrook verschwinden spurlos.

OAKEWOOD: Ach komm schon! Das hat doch alles nichts mit Tamberlane zu tun! Quarantäne? Vermisste Leute? Das ist totaler Schwachsinn!

TAGG: Du willst mir nur nicht glauben!


OAKEWOOD: Isso é absolutamente absurdo.

TAGG: Antes de me ignorar, me escuta. Tem algo estranho acontecendo no exterior.

DANGER: Areas estão bloqueadas ou em quarentena. Ninguém diz por quê.

TAGG: E criaturas de Follybrook estão desaparecendo.

OAKEWOOD: Fala sério! Isso não tem nada a ver com a Tamberlane! Querentenas? Criaturas sumidas? Isso é tudo besteira!

TAGG: Você só não quer me acreditar!


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