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Page 174

Posted on
February 06, 2019

Chapter: Chapter 3

Characters: Viola, Aria, Alahmnat, Erik, Gillian, Anthony, Jason, Piper, Avery, Isaiah, Winnie, Briar, Natasha, Jackson, ArtieHattie, Oakewood, Tamberlane, Milo, Aerdan, John, Shu, Jentzen, Cammie, Skelly, Chandra, Rux, Bjørn, Jonas, RandomGeekNamedBrent, Terra, Marie, Drake, Lace, Vera, Frack, Coriander (Mothorial), Zen, Honky Kat, Hope, Reno, Trish, Gunner, Finn, Mimfry, Abby, Cur, Maribelle, Dana, Chiros, Greenie, Slipstream, Grey, Stoker, Huni, Timmothy

Tags: Cameo

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A. Douglas "FaultBat", Aaron Nauert, Aelius, Aerdan, Akai the smol fox, Allan C Ecker, Allaze-Eroler, BallofFloof, Berwyn, Chaon, Chris, Chuckles, Connery Cateni (ccateni), Cr0-okedGlasses, D'Archangel, Daphne Pfister, DireTaco, Eric Tryon, Fruitso, Fruxalga, GriffinGGamer, Gunny Waffle, Ido Shalev, Jared Dark, Jonas, Julia, KettuTheFox, Kevin McCullough, Kimmers4Ever, Kurtchen, Lady Hatty, Lauren Pierre, Lester D. Crawford, Lightfox Lowell, Lillian Marie Burch, Lizette, Long John, Madiso, Michael "Neon Noble" Nicolosi, Mokabur, Nightshade89, Nolan "Note Worthy" Slover, Patrick Kingsley, Piro202, Preston Moore, Rizer Stake, Ross, Scott Fraser, Shu, Stoker Bramwell, StrayXIII (Wes), Thesequester20, Tim Latshaw, fox3379

Author's Notes:

And lo, I did take a long time but a beautiful page emerged!

Let's try to do the character list from left to right, top to bottom, shall we? All bolded names are Patreon cameos! Thank you, guys!!

Character Guide

ROW 1 BENCHES: Viola, Aria (Steve Streza / Abigail Starling), Alahmnat (Alahmnat), Erik (CrosbowROoF), Captain Gillian (Hindae), Anthony, Jason (Marco262), Piper, Avery, Isaiah (NoteWorthy), Winnie (Makuru), Briar, Natasha (Matt)

MID 1 & 2: Jackson (Foxlover91), Hattie & Artie (Lightfox Lowell)

ROW 2 BENCHES: Oakewood, Tamberlane, Milo & Sophie (Darch), Aerdan (Aerdan), John (LongJohn), Shu (ShuTheSquirrel), Jentzen (JNSx7), Cammie & Skelly (StrayXIII), Chandra (Chandra), Rux (CouchCrusader)

ROW 3 BENCHES: Bjørn (BearFlipsTable), Jonas (Jonas), RandomGeekNamedBrent, Terra (NeonNoble), Marie, Drake (Ken R.), Lace (Leah Briere), Vera (Isaac32), Frack (Frack), Coriander (Izzy), Zen (ZenFelwinter)

MID 3 & 4: Honky Kat (Honky Kat),  Hope (Panda)

ROW 4 BENCHES: Reno (DireTaco), Trish (Whyaylooh), Gunner (GunnyWaffle), Finn (Madiso), Mimfry (StarshineBeast), Abigail (Terri Delgado), Cur (Chaon), Maribelle (F-Frost), Dana (UncoolDana), Chiros (Chiropica)

MIDGROUND: Greenie (Zaukodar), Slipstream (Grand Moff Joseph), Grey (Grey White), Stoker (StokerBat)

STAGE: Hunni (Ashley Nichols), Timmothy (TimmoWarner)

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TIMMOTHY: Any sign of her?
HONEY: Not yet.


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