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Page 158

Posted on
September 26, 2018

Chapter: Chapter 3

Characters: Danger, Milo, Oakewood, Tagg, Tamberlane

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A. Douglas "FaultBat", Aaron Nauert, Aerdan, Allaze-Eroler, Berwyn, Cap'n Lee, Chaon, Cr0-okedGlasses, D'Archangel, Danielle Hernandez, Daphne Pfister, DireTaco, Fruxalga, GriffinGGamer, Gunny Waffle, Ido Shalev, Jared Dark, Jonas, KettuTheFox, Kevin McCullough, Kimmers4Ever, Lauren Pierre, Lightfox Lowell, Lillian Marie Burch, Lizette, Long John, Madiso, Michael "Neon Noble" Nicolosi, Mikhail Dragoslav, Mokabur, Nightshade89, Nolan "Note Worthy" Slover, Patrick Kingsley, Piro202, Preston Moore, Rizer Stake, Ross, Scott Fraser, Shu, Stoker Bramwell, StrayXIII (Wes), Thesequester20, Tim Latshaw, fox3379

Author's Notes:

Man what is with these corgs?

Hope you guys are enjoying the comic! Unfortunately, I'm taking a short break because I'm burnt out and exhausted and need some time to rest. But never fear! Tamberlane will return October 3rd! See you then, my friends!


UPDATE: 10-02-18:

Hello Tamberlane Fans! Panda assistant here! Oh gosh, did we mess up with our date calculation...Caitlyn actually means to come back on Wednesday, October 10th, not Tomorrow, the 3rd. Big huge apologies for the mixup!! ^^; As always, we THANK YOU for your support and patience! One more week of rest for our fearless leader, and then back to the cuteness!! promise!!


MILO: You know, she reminds me of the kits with Williams Syndrome, but she lacks the physical markers, you know what I mean?
OAKEWOOD: That's a good p...Where's Tamberlane?


TAGG: Hello, Claude.
OAKEWOOD: Hello..Tagg...and Danger...
SFX: Pant Pant
TAGG: We didn't touch her.
OAKEWOOD: That's...good.

OAKEWOOD: If you're...looking for...Councilman Timmothy, the last time I saw him...he was in the...Trade Alley.
SFX: Pant Pant

TAGG: Brilliant. As soon as we can track 'im down we can make our trade and get out of this backwards hellhole.


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