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Page 218

Posted on
May 27, 2020

Chapter: Chapter 4

Characters: Belfry, Oakewood, Tamberlane

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Author's Notes:

Tamberlane's day seems to have picked up!

I'm trying something new on this background. Usually I make the backgrounds meticulously with every surface on its own layer for maximum customizability for the scene if I need it. But that takes FOREVER. So this time I'm doing a single layer and painting it all at once, with a few parts of it on different layers so I can adjust as needed.

Let me know what you think!


OAKEWOOD: Alright, little miss, I do believe it's time for you to retire.
BELFRY: Tamberlane, come snuggle with me!
TAMBERLANE: I don't wanna!!!

BELFRY: Get over here, you!

BELFRY: Gotcha!

OAKEWOOD: Look's like you have this well in paw, then?
BELFRY: Yep! I've got this little monster buttoned down!

OAKEWOOD: Good night then, you two.
BELFRY: Night night!

BELFRY: Now, what do I have to do to get you to settle down, munchkin?
TAMBERLANE: Stories!!!
BELFRY: Okay, but you have to get all set up in bed by yourself...

OAKEWOOD: Also dann, kleines Fräulein, ich denke es wird Zeit, dass du schlafen gehst.
TAMBERLANE: Neeein!!!!
BELFRY: Tamberlane, komm mit mir kuscheln!
TAMBERLANE: Ich will nich!!!

BELFRY: Na los, her mit dir!

BELFRY: Hab dich!

OAKEWOOD: Sieht aus als hättest du also alles im Griff?
BELFRY: Japp! Dieses kleine Monster entwischt mir nicht!

OAKEWOOD: Dann gute Nacht, ihr beiden.
BELFRY: Nachti-Nacht!

BELFRY: Also, was muss ich machen, damit du dich hinlegst, Schnuffi?
TAMBERLANE: Geschichten!!!
BELFRY: Okay, aber zuerst musst du es dir im Bett gemütlich machen...

OAKEWOOD: Beleza, senhorita, eu acredito que seja hora de você descansar.
TAMBERLANE: Nãoooo!!!!
BELFRY: Tamberlane, vem se aconchegar comigo!
TAMBERLANE: Eu não quero!!!

BELFRY: Vem aqui, você!

BELFRY: Te peguei!

OAKEWOOD: Parece que você tem isso bem na sua pata, então?
BELFRY: Ahã! Eu estou com esse monstrinho abotoado!

OAKEWOOD: Boa noite então, vocês duas.
BELFRY: Bah noi!

BELFRY: Agora, o que eu tenho que fazer pra te botar pra baixo, pimpolha?
TAMBERLANE: História!!!
BELFRY: Ok, mas você tem que se arrumar na cama por si mesma...


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