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Page 219

Posted on
June 03, 2020

Chapter: Chapter 4

Characters: Belfry, Tamberlane

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Author's Notes:

Story time! Story time!!

I know if MY mom had a fluffy ruff, I would be divebombing into it for snuggles, too!

We've updated Chapters 1-4!

As a result, most of the non-English transcripts are now outdated. If you are looking to update and translate the changes, we have a handy changelog document that tells you what's changed.

In addition, most of the attached posts and hover text may be outdated too. We will be fixing that up shortly, and we appreciate your patience!

Thank you for all the work you guys do to make this comic more accessible! We hope it helps!


BELFRY: I don’t think that’s how you’re supposed to get into bed, missy!

BELFRY: Well, I’m not reading to your bum, so you’d better get up here if you want a story!

BELFRY: Oof! Settle down, you!
BELFRY: What book do you want to read?
BELFRY: "Inquisitive Ivan"?
BELFRY: Or "I’ll Love You Forever"?
TAMBERLANE: "Inquisitive Ivan"!

BELFRY: "Inquisitive Ivan" it is, then. Cozy up.

BELFRY: Inquisitive Ivan, by Marguerite of Little Aching. O kit of boundless curiosity, I dedicate this storybook to thee...


BELFRY: Ich glaube nicht, dass man sich so richtig ins Bett legt, Fräulein!
TAMBERLANE: I will aba!

BELFRY: Ich werde aber nichts deinem Hintern vorlesen, also dreh dich um, wenn du eine Geschichte willst!

BELFRY: Uff! Immer schön mit der Ruhe!
BELFRY: Welches Buch möchtest du lesen? 'Ivan rettet die Stadt'? Oder 'Ich hab dich auf immer lieb'?
TAMBERLANE: Ivan rettet die Stadt!

BELFRY: 'Ivan rettet die Stadt' also. Mach es dir gemütlich.

BELFRY: “Ivan war ein kleiner Maulwurf, der in der kleinen Stadt Sunset Acres mit seinen zwei Papas Garret und Tom lebte…”

BELFRY : Je ne pense pas que ce soit comme ça que tu sois censée te coucher, mademoiselle !
TAMBERLANE : Je veux !

BELFRY : Eh bien, je ne fais pas la lecture à tes fesses, alors tu ferais mieux de monter ici si tu veux une histoire !
TAMBERLANE : D’accord !

BELFRY : Ouf ! Installe-toi !
BELFRY : Quel livre veux-tu lire ?
BELFRY : "Ivan le curieux" ?
BELFRY : ou "Je t'aimerai pour toujours" ?
TAMBERLANE : « Ivan le curieux » !

BELFRY : "Ivan le curieux", ce sera donc. Installe-toi confortablement.

BELFRY : Ivan le Curieux, par Marguerite de Little Aching. Ô petit à la curiosité sans bornes, je te dédie ce livre de contes...

BELFRY: Eu não acho que é assim que você deve entrar na cama, senhorita!

BELFRY: Bem, eu não estou lendo pro seu bumbum, então é melhor você subir aqui se você quer uma história!

BELFRY: Uff! Se aquieta, você!
BELFRY: Qual livro você quer ler?
BEFLRY: "Ivan Inquisitivo"?
BELFRY: "Vou Te Amar Pra Sempre"?
TAMBERLANE: "Ivan Inquisitivo"!

BELFRY: "Ivan Inquisitivo" é, então. Se aconchega.

BELFRY: Ivan Inquisitivo, por Marguerite de Little Aching. O filhote de curiosidade sem fim, eu dedico esse livro de história à tu...