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Page 219

Posted on
June 03, 2020

Chapter: Chapter 4

Characters: Belfry, Tamberlane

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Author's Notes:

Story time! Story time!!

I know if MY mom had a fluffy ruff, I would be divebombing into it for snuggles, too!

Our Patreon just got a big revamp! If you enjoy Tamberlane and want to support its creation, I recommend checking it out!


BELFRY: I don’t think that’s how you’re supposed to get into bed, missy!

BELFRY: Well, I’m not reading to your bum, so you’d better get up here if you want a story!

BELFRY: Oof! Settle down you!
BELFRY: What book do you want to read? Ivan Saves the Town? Or I’ll Love You Forever?
TAMBERLANE: Ivan Saves the Town!

BELFRY: Ivan Saves the Town it is, then. Cozy up.

BELFRY: “Ivan was a little mole who lived in the little town of Sunset Acres with his two papas, Garret and Tom…”

BELFRY: Ich glaube nicht, dass man sich so richtig ins Bett legt, Fräulein!
TAMBERLANE: I will aba!

BELFRY: Ich werde aber nichts deinem Hintern vorlesen, also dreh dich um, wenn du eine Geschichte willst!

BELFRY: Uff! Immer schön mit der Ruhe!
BELFRY: Welches Buch möchtest du lesen? 'Ivan rettet die Stadt'? Oder 'Ich hab dich auf immer lieb'?
TAMBERLANE: Ivan rettet die Stadt!

BELFRY: 'Ivan rettet die Stadt' also. Mach es dir gemütlich.

BELFRY: “Ivan war ein kleiner Maulwurf, der in der kleinen Stadt Sunset Acres mit seinen zwei Papas Garret und Tom lebte…”

BELFRY: Eu não acho que é assim que você deve entrar na cama, senhorita!

BELFRY: Bem, eu não estou lendo pro seu bumbum, então é melhor você subir aqui se você quer uma história!

BELFRY: Oof! Se aquieta!
BELFRY: Qual livro você quer ler? Ivan Salva a Cidade? Ou Vou Te Amar Pra Sempre?
TAMBERLANE: Ivan Salva a Cidade!

BELFRY: Ivan Salva a Cidade é, então. Se aconchega.

BELFRY: “Ivan era uma pequena toupeira que vivia na pequena cidade de Sunset Acres com seus dois papais, Garret e Tom…”


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