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Page 220

Posted on
June 10, 2020

Chapter: Chapter 4

Characters: Belfry, Ivan, Papa Garret, Papa Tom, Tamberlane

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Author's Notes:

I swear this was all planned long before Quarantine...


NARRATION: Little Ivan’s papa Garret was very sick, and he wouldn’t be getting better. Little Ivan was very, very sad.

NARRATION: But Papa Garret had a plan. “Don’t worry about me Ivie, I’m gonna get better in Abroad!” “Abroad? What’s that?” asked Ivan.

NARRATION: “Papa Garret no!” exclaimed Papa Tom,”Your sickness may be cured, but you’ll be tainted forever!” Papa Garret turned up his nose. “Pah! You’re a coward! that’s an old wives tale!” Abroad will heal me good as new, you’ll see!”

NARRATION: “Papa Tom, ” asked Little Ivan. “If Abroad can make Papa Garret better, why is it bad?” “Because going abroad won’t make him better,” said Papa Tom.

NARRATION: “Abroad is full of taint that will corrupt you and everyone around you.” “Choosing to go to Abroad instead of passing peacefully at home is selfish!’

NARRATION: “So if Papa Garret goes Abroad he’ll corrupt everone he knows?” I have to stop else from ever going Abroad!” said Little Ivan.

TAMBERLANE: This is scary…
BELFRY: Yeah, this is darker than I remember…


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