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Posted on
June 17, 2020

Chapter: Chapter 4

Characters: Little Ivan, Miss Mary Teacher, Missy Rose, Sarah F., Counsilman Madison, Papa Garret

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Author's Notes:

And so ends our sweet and charming children's book. c:


NARRATOR: Next week, Miss Mary Teacher begin to teach all about Abroad. Ivan stood up and spoke: ” Miss Mary Teacher, if we keep teaching that about that dangerous place, students will think that it’s okay to go!” But Miss Teacher scoffed. “All learning is precious, Little Ivan.” But Ivan knew it wasn’t.

NARRATOR: Sure enough, Little Ivan heard Missy Rose and Sarah F talking about sneaking of to Abroad to explore. ” NO no no!” Ivan cried “Abroad is too dangerous! If you go, you’ll be tainted!” Missy rose only laughed. “Ivan that’s just a fairy tale!” But Ivan knew it wasn’t.

NARRATOR: But then, Ivan’s worst fears came true: a horrible monster came to town, twisted with a taint! Ivan knew what he had to do! he flung out his little claw and shouted “Back to Abroad, foul monster! You won’t taint this town!” Hissing, the monster had to run away!

NARRATOR: Councilman Madison gave Ivan a medal for saving the town from the monster from Abroad! “Little Ivan, what can we do to reward you?” asked Councilman Madison.

NARRATOR: Ivan answered: “We must make sure that no one should ever talk about, teach about, or go Abroad ever again! It’s too dangerous!” And so, with Little Ivan’s help Councilman Madison wrote the Edicts of Temperance. Thanks to LIttle Ivan, Sunset Acres was saved from the taint of Abroad forever. The End.


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