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Page 208

Posted on
February 19, 2020

Characters: Belfry, Milo, Oakewood, Tamberlane

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Author's Notes:

Uncle to the rescue!! This conversation can't get any awkwarder, right?


TAMBERLANE: What is it like?
BELFRY: Well, I don't know personally...

BELFRY: It's...It's like...

BELFRY: You see, every society needs...certain to thrive!

BELFRY: And sometimes, those things are...
BELFRY: They're... How... How do I put this...

TAMBERLANE: Maybe I go ask Unca?

BELFRY: Bueno, no lo sé personalmente…

BELFRY: Es…Es como…

BELFRY: Mira, cada sociedad necesita…ciertas cosas…para… para prosperar!

BELFRY: Y algunas veces, esas cosas son…
BELFRY: Ellos… Como… Como pongo esto…

TAMBERLANE: ¿Tal vez le pregunto a abue?


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