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Page 244

Posted on
December 30, 2020

Chapter: Chapter 4

Characters: Milo, Oakewood

Tags: Cameo

Flatted by: Elle Pierre

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Author's Notes:

Pop goes the Yote Brain!

I hope you guys enjoyed the little bit of guest art! I had a good birthday week that allowed me to take it slightly easy but still catch up on lots of work that needed doing!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas this year!

Join Caytlin and Ari as they celebrate the public launch of the official re-edit of the first four chapters of Tamberlane! And also CAYTLIN'S BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAYTLIN

We are SUPER excited to announce the public release of an EXTENSIVE edit of the first four chapters of Tamberlane! During our production of the Omnibus collection for the recently completed Kickstarter, we spent hours pouring over every page of the first Arc (Chapters 1-4), tweaking dialogue and art when needed, both for story consistency and to ensure the best telling of this story! Over the years, the Tamberlane Saga has evolved significantly and it was super gratifying to be able to go back and make adjustments.

To celebrate this big relaunch (which happens to be around Caytlin's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAYTLIN!!), we'll be hosting a launch party on Caytlin's Twitch on Friday, December 15 at 9AM PST! We hope to see you there! You can access the twitch here, or through the Twitch button in the navigation bar!


MILO: It really is nothing.
MILO: I'm reading it for an assignment...

MILO: My adviser wrote it! It's Modern Reinterpretations of Ancient Silver Sagean Myths.

MILO: My next paper is about how myth evolves with society, so he lent it to me.

MILO: It's really a facinating subject! You can see how [illegible] seed of a myth grows [illegible] and becomes more comple[illegible] every retelling, like a big cultural game of Whisper Down the Lane!

MILO: For example, in the myth [illegible] Great Culling, did you know th[illegible] in the first written versions of th[illegible] myth, it was only a village that was razed, not the whole country? I h[illegible] to brush up on Ancient Growl fo[illegible] this assignment, and it's fascinating how myths are affected by the [illegible]ultural mythos of their time, ev[illegible]en they'[illegible]er than the[illegible] of po[illegible]s are [illegible] of a s[illegible]

MILO: Es ist wirklich nichts.
MILO: Ich lese es für eine Aufgabe...

MILO: Mein Betreuer hat es geschrieben! Es heist Moderne Reinterpretationen antiker Mythen aus Silver Sage

MILO: In meiner nächsten Arbeit geht es darum, wie Mythen sich mit der Gesellschaft entwickeln, deswegen hat er es mir ausgeliehen.

MILO: Es ist ein wirklich faszinierendes Thema! Man kann sehen, wie der Keim eines Mythoses heranwächst und mit jeder Neuerzählung zunehmend komplexer wird, wie ein großes kulturelles Stille-Post-Spiel!

MILO: Zum Beispiel, in dem Mythos über die große Schlachtung, wusstest du, dass es in den ersten niedergeschriebenen Versionen davon nur ein Dorf niedergebrannt wurde, nicht ein ganzes Land? Ich musste mein Antikes Growl für diese Aufgabe auffrischen, und es ist faszinierend, wie Mythen durch den kulturellen Mythos ihrer Zeit beeinflusst wurden, selbst dann, wenn sie weitaus älter sind als ihre

MILO: Realmente não é nada.
MILO: Eu estou lendo para uma tarefa...

MILO: Meu conselheiro que escreveu! É Reinterpretações Modernas de Mitos Antigos de Silver Sage.

MILO: Meu próximo trabalho é sobre como o mito evolui com a sociedade, então ele emprestou pra mim.

MILO: É realmente um assunto fascinante! Você pode ver como [ilegível] semente de um mito cresce [ilegível] e se torna mais comple[ilegível] toda vez que é contado, como um grande jogo cultural de telefone sem fio!

MILO: Por exemplo, no mito [ilegível] Grande Abate, você sabia q[ilegível] nas primeiras versões escritas d[ilegível] mito, era só uma vila que foi arrasada, não o país inteiro? Eu t[ilegível] que dar uma estudada no Rugido Ancião[ilegível] essa tarefa, e é fascinante como mitos são afetados pelo [ilegível]ythos cultural de seu tempo, me[ilegível]do eles[ilegível]or que o[ilegível] de po[ilegível]s são [ilegível] de uma s[ilegível]


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