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Page 245

Posted on
January 6, 2021

Chapter: Chapter 4

Characters: Milo, Oakewood

Tags: Cameo

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Author's Notes:

Milo is just happy to be here.


MILO: A-Anyway, I promise I was only reading it on my break, Uncle.
MILO: Sorry about that.
OAKEWOOD: Nonsense. Your book has given me an idea.

MILO: I- I helped?!
OAKEWOOD: What? Of course you helped.
OAKEWOOD: Did you think you've been dead weight this whole time? Don't be daft.

OAKEWOOD: The thing is, we've been coming at the mystery of Tamberlane's species from only one angle: Biology.

OAKEWOOD: But your rambling reminds me that there are other less scientific vectors we have yet to explore.
OAKEWOOD: Namely, mythology.

MILO: I helped??
OAKEWOOD: Oh, for godsake, Milo!


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