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Page 122

Posted on
December 13, 2017

Chapter: Chapter 3

Characters: Amber, ArtieHattie, Gillian, Oakewood, Piper, Tamberlane, Winnie

Tamberlane is Currently Sponsored By...

A. Douglas "FaultBat", Aaron Nauert, Aelius, Aerdan, Akai the smol fox, Aziz Al-Khars, BallofFloof, Berwyn, Chaon, Chris, Chuckles, Cr0-okedGlasses, D'Archangel, Daphne Pfister, DireTaco, Dovahderpy, Eric Tryon, Fruitso, Fruxalga, GriffinGGamer, Gunny Waffle, Ido Shalev, Jared Dark, Jared Larkin, Jonas, JoofAloof, Julia, KettuTheFox, Kevin McCullough, Kimmers4Ever, Lady Hatty, Lauren Pierre, Lester D. Crawford, Lightfox Lowell, Lillian Marie Burch, Lizette, Michael "Neon Noble" Nicolosi, Mokabur, Nicole Thornwolf Dornsife, Nightshade89, Nolan "Note Worthy" Slover, Patrick Kingsley, Preston Moore, Rizer Stake, Ross, Sammie Auburn, Scott Fraser, Shu, Stoker Bramwell, Stoker and Jonas, StrayXIII (Wes), Sunny Franklin, The Masked Retriever, Tim Latshaw, Tsuuga, fox3379, null_void

Author's Notes:

GASP! Who let all these bats in here?!

Here are some new Patreon cameos!

The stripey gryphon is Captain Gillian, cameo of Hindae!

The two pint-sized bats in the hats are cameos of Lightfox Lowell! I know you said to pick one, but they were both so cute!

And finally, the tall purple bat is Winnie, cameo of Makuru!

Thank you all SO MUCH for your support!

One Good Year for Anastasia

My friend's 6 year old daughter, whom I based Tamberlane on, has a fatal brain tumor and a prognosis of 1 year to live. I'm asking folks who love Tamberlane, if they're able, to throw a couple of dollars at their GoFundMe to give Anastasia a wonderful last year. Find out more here.



[SFX: koff koff koff koff]
GRYPHON: Girls! What have I told you about smokebombs on board?!
SMALL BATS: Sorry, Captain!

GRYPHON: And Winnie, quit letting them into the kitchen.
WINNIE: Yes, Captain.

SMALL BAT 1: Aw, cheer up, Cap'n Gillian!

SMALL BAT 1: We really are learning toAHHH!!

OAKEWOOD: Oh, you finally woke up, did you?

AMBER: What on God's green Earth in that?!


PIPER: WHAT?? It's just Tamberlane!


[SFX: cof cof cof cof]
GRIFO: Garotas! O quê eu disse pra vocês sobre about bombas de fumaça á bordo?!
MORCEGUINHOS: Desculpa, Capitã!

GRIFO: E Winnie, para de deixar eles na cozinha.
WINNIE: Sim, Capitã.

MORCEGUINHO 1: Aw, se anima, Capitã Gillian!

MORCEGUINHO 1: Nós realmente estamos aprendendo aAHHH!!

OAKEWOOD: Oh, voce realmente acordou, não?

AMBER: O quê diabos é isso?!


PIPER: QUÊ?? É só a Tamberlane!


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