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Page 124

Posted on
January 09, 2018

Chapter: Chapter 3

Characters: Jason , Oakewood , Tamberlane

Tags: Cameo

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Author's Notes:

Peas are what make the world go around, according to Tamberlane "Snapdragon" Belfriton. Also: Jason is a patron cameo of Marco262 (also my husband, who throws his own spending money into my patreon because he's a big goddamn sweetheart!), and also, gasp???? Who's that????

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JASON: Some boffin we picked up in Piou.
JASON: Reads three books a day. Can you believe it.

OAKEWOOD: I am a librarian.
JASON: Then you'll get along great!

TAMBERLANE: I'm hungry. Peas?
OAKEWOOD: When we get back, Snapdragon.

JASON: Great Scott! It talks!

OAKEWOOD: Of course she can talk, you ninny! Does she look like a simple animal?
JASON: Well, no...

OFFSCREEN: Uncle Claude?

JASON: So ein Eierkopf, den wir in Piou aufgegabelt haben.
JASON: Liest drei Bücher am Tag. Glaubt man's?.

OAKEWOOD: Ich bin ein Bibliothekar.
JASON: Na, dann werdet ihr euch ja prächtig verstehen!

TAMBERLANE: Ich hab Hunger. Erbsen?
OAKEWOOD: Wenn wir zuhause sind, Kleines.

JASON: Grosser Scott! Es spricht!

OAKEWOOD: Natürlich kann sie sprechen, du Trottel! Sieht sie für dich wie ein einfaches Tier aus?
JASON: Nunja, nein...

OFFSCREEN: Onkel Claude?

JASON: Um sabichão que pegamos em Piou.
JASON: Lê três livros por dia. Consegue acreditar.

OAKEWOOD: Eu sou um bibliotecário.
JASON: Então vocês vão se dar bem!

TAMBERLANE: Tô com fome. Ervilhas?
OAKEWOOD: Quando voltarmos, chuchu.

JASON: Cruzes! Isso fala!

OAKEWOOD: Claro que ela fala, seu idiota! Ela parece como um animal simples?
JASON: Bem, não...

OFFSCREEN: Tio Claude?


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