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That can't be good.
Page 6
Rudeness is Piper's middle name!
Page 7
Poor Anthony. He tries.
Page 8
Into the woods, it's time and so I must begin my journey!
Page 9
I'm not sure how you can get rich in a barter society, but if anyone can do it, Piper can.
Page 10
Will they make it to school? Shale no.
Page 11
It was hard to hear over Ainsley screaming themselves.
Page 12
Scapegoat: the worst kind of goat to be.
Page 13
Piper rules the fourth wall, and no one is surprised.
Page 18
Knick-knack paddywack, give a bat a concussion.
Page 19
The fiercest of predators.
Page 21
Belfry better rein in that "if looks could kill" stare.
Page 35
a b r o a d
Page 37
Speak of Awahwah and she will come.
Page 58
The ghostest with the mostest.
Page 59
It was an earnest try. ... Sort of.
Page 60
I can't believe Anthony is dead.
Page 61
Piper is the Worst Cat.
Page 62
Repercussions are a jerk.
Page 99
This is the best plan. It cannot go wrong.
Page 110
Over Piper's short life, she's already accrued over 18 years of grounding.
Page 111
Mom senses: they get you every time.
Page 112
From one animal to another.
Page 113
One can imagine that Piper takes after her dad.
Page 115
Piper has big round eyes when her black little heart feels things. Or when she fakes like she feels things.
Page 116
Cat dad arrives!
Page 118
I don't know; I think Oakewood would look quite fetching in Avery's dress.
Page 119
Even Piper fears Abroad.
Page 120
Boom went the...hopefully not dynamite.
Page 121
Maybe, just maybe, we shouldn't have any kind of incendiaries, smoke or otherwise, on a boat.
Page 122
Piper don't got time for your nonsense.
Page 125
Glass deers bring glass tears.
Page 144
Page 145
Eat At Joe's. No, wait.
Page 146
Sugarsnap is my furry Sugarcult cover band.
Page 147
So many faces!
Page 174
An apple a day keeps the teacher at bay. And with sharp teeth like that, you want her to stay happy!!
Page 181
[The distant sound of being alone]
Page 183
How do you explain the unexplainable?
Page 185
And why is it called something so dumb and nondescript?
Page 186
Insert amusing caption here. Sorry, I'm tired lol.
Page 187
Throwin' around the 'T' word all casual like.
Page 189
Page 190
I like hurting my audience. Mwahaha.
Page 191
So many tears!
Page 192
Apparently no one really talks about why we don't talk about Fight Club. I mean, Abroad.
Page 193
Use your words, Piper.
Page 195
Oooo, Piper knows the Bad Words.
Page 196
Tamberlane, can you sign "ongoing trauma"?
Page 197
"Yeah, I'll start a fight. And I'll end it too!! From time out!!"
Page 199
But the way Tam lights up, though.
Page 203
Page 228
Allowing kits to play around in ruined buildings builds CHARACTER!
Page 239
And the ghosts are just glad there won't be any hyper Pipers disturbing their slumber!
Page 240
There's a lot of planning that goes into hunting ghosts.
Page 241
Numpty is by far one of the best insults.
Page 251
Piper, the chaos gremlin!
Page 252
Piper: Spelling Bee Dropout.
Page 256
Anthony can't catch a break and he knows it.
Page 257
You'd think this was all an excuse for Piper to bite Anthony, but she doesn't really need an excuse for that.
Page 258
Someone get these kids some therapy.
Page 259
Where was she keeping that lantern? The world may never know.
Page 260
I have a feeling this is going to be one of those pages where people remember they have British accents.
Page 261
Get with the program, Anthony.
Page 262
Oakewood will be pleased to know that he has a Grumpy Old Man protégé in Anthony.
Page 263
Tamberlane just wants everyone to be happy :(
Page 264
It's so useful, keeping that flash paper up their sleeves...
Page 265
Page 267
Tam-Tam gonna throw hand-hands
Page 268
Only babies are scared of thousand-toothed, unresting monsters who stalk you in the night!
Page 271
Piper is the very definition of incorrigible.
Page 278
Tamberlane can't seem to get away from her sterling reputation.
Page 279
Parsley takes a moment to speak some truth!
Page 280
Mmm. Bugs.
Page 281
Don't worry, Cur's not dead. Kira fetched him back to camp like Jason asked her to on Page 308.
Page 326
That is definitely how it happened.
Page 327
You have the right to be a jerk, just like I have the right not to listen to you UwU
Page 328
"Where are the rest of the kits in the cart?" you ask? They're in "Caytlin cuts corners so pages come out faster" land.
Page 329