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Page 183

Posted on
July 10, 2019

Chapter: Chapter 4

Characters: Callie, Marie, Piper, Tamberlane

Tags: Cameo

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Author's Notes:

Looks like Piper and Tamberlane are getting along better!

Continued thanks for our Patreon cameo: Callie, from Zakuodar!

The Kickstarter funded at $84,764!!! AMAZING! But if you missed out, don't fret! We have a preorder store open for a little bit while we get our files together.

Orders through the preorder store still count towards our stretch goals. If you want the updated, higher quality versions of Chapters 1, 2, and 3, you can pledge for them there and get us closer to the reprint stretch goal! (And if we don't hit the goal, you won't be charged for them.)


CALLIE: Alright, alright! Settle down! We're nearly done for the day. Starting tomorrow, we're going to be learning about our roots!

TAMBERLANE: Roots? Like a tree? I have roots?
CALLIE: We all do, in a way!

CALLIE: Your roots are where you come from.

CALLIE: They're made up of our hometowns, our families, and even our ancestors!

CALLIE: Our roots make us who we are.

MARIE: Aw, Tamberlane! Stop fretting! Your roots are right here in Treehollow!

Piper: Yeah! You've been our infamous Rattleglen ghostie for a whole year now! If those aren't roots, I dunno what is!

CALLIE: Okay, okay! Alle bitte ruhig! Wir sind fast fertig für heute. Morgen werden wir anfangen, über unsere Wurzeln zu lernen!

TAMBERLANE: Wurzeln? Wie ein Baum? Ich hab Wurzeln?
CALLIE: In einem gewissen Sinne haben wir das alle!

CALLIE: Deine Wurzeln sind die Dinge, von denen du gekommen bist.

CALLIE: Sie sind unsere Heimatorte, unsere Familien, sogar unsere Vorfahren.

CALLIE: Unsere Wurzeln machen uns zu dem, was wir sind.

MARIE: Ach, Tamberlane! Sei nicht traurig! Deine Wurzeln sind hier in Treehollow!

Piper: Ja! Du bist schon seit einem ganzen Jahr unser berühmtes Spukgespenst! Wenn das nicht Wurzeln sind, dann weiss ich auch nicht weiter!

CALLIE: Tá bom, tá bom! Sossega! Estamos quase prontos com o dia. A partir de amanhã, vamos aprender sobre nossas raízes!

TAMBERLANE: Raízes? Tipo uma árvore? Eu tenho raízes?
CALLIE: Todos temos, de certa forma!

CALLIE: Suas raízes são de onde você vem.

CALLIE: Elas são feitas de nossas cidades natais, nossas famílias, e até nossos ancestrais!

CALLIE: Nossas raízes nos fazem ser quem somos.

MARIE: Ah, Tamberlane! Não fica chateada! Suas raízes são bem aqui em Treehollow!

Piper: É! Você tem sido nosso înfame fantasminha de Rattleglen por um ano inteiro agora! Se essas não são raízes, eu não sei o quê é!


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