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Page 184

Posted on
July 17, 2019

Chapter: Chapter 4

Characters: Callie, Chaon, Tamberlane

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A. Douglas "FaultBat", Aaron Nauert, Aelius, Aerdan, Akai the smol fox, Allan C Ecker, Allaze-Eroler, BallofFloof, Berwyn, Chaon, Chris, Chuckles, Connery Cateni (ccateni), Cr0-okedGlasses, D'Archangel, Daphne Pfister, DireTaco, Eric Tryon, Fruitso, Fruxalga, GriffinGGamer, Gunny Waffle, Ido Shalev, Jared Dark, Jonas, Julia, KettuTheFox, Kevin McCullough, Kimmers4Ever, Kurtchen, Lady Hatty, Lauren Pierre, Lester D. Crawford, Lightfox Lowell, Lillian Marie Burch, Lizette, Long John, Madiso, Michael "Neon Noble" Nicolosi, Mokabur, Nightshade89, Nolan "Note Worthy" Slover, Patrick Kingsley, Piro202, Preston Moore, Rizer Stake, Ross, Scott Fraser, Shu, Stoker Bramwell, StrayXIII (Wes), Thesequester20, Tim Latshaw, fox3379

Author's Notes:

Poor Tamberlane looks so embarrassed!

Thanks to Chaon (Cur) and Zaukodar (Callie) for their continued Patreon cameo! :D


CALLIE: Over the next week, we'll be making a tree collage with things that remind us of our own roots!
CUR: An' wharrabout the rest of us blokes who don't know our roots, eh? We en't all cute little "ghosties" getting our paw helded!

CALLIE: CUR!! Must I put you on time out again?!
CUR: I en't bein' smart-alecky this time, honest!

CALLIE: Cur, Tamberlane needs paw-holding to integrate smoothly and catch up!

CUR: She seems plenty integrated to me! I bet she could ask all sortsa stupid questions an' you'd just answer em!

CALLIE: That's enough Cur! If you want help, you need only to politely ask for it! You needn't be rude to Tamberlane!
CUR: I weren't bein' rude! I was just askin' a question, wasn't I!
CALLIE: Next time, ask without disparaging another student!

CUR: Yes, ma'am.


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