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Page 116

Posted on
November 08, 2017

Chapter: Chapter 3

Characters: Avery, Belfry, Piper, Tamberlane

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Author's Notes:

I'm suuuure he'll be fiiiiiine.

Today begins the change over to 1 page a week until I have recovered my buffer! I hate doing this, but you do what you gotta. See you next Wednesday!

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Thank you to everyone for your understanding!

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AVERY: Yes, your daddy is coming in on the Guppy for the festival


BELFRY: Jason's coming to town, huh? Got any plans?
AVERY: Oh god, no. Plus he has his new girlfriend with him.

AVERY: But I'll say hi, of course.
AVERY: Catch up, shoot the breeze as it were.

BELFRY: I think it's great that you two are still such good friends.
AVERY: Well, he's a good creature!

AVERY: Ja, dein Papa kommt mit der Guppy zum Fest


BELFRY: Jason kommt also in die Stadt, ja? Irgendwelche Pläne?
AVERY: Gott bewahre. Ausserdem hat er seine neue Freundin dabei.

AVERY: Aber ich sag natürlich hallo.
AVERY: Einfach nur reden, sozusagen um des lieben Friedens willen.

BELFRY: Ich finde es toll, dass ihr trotz allem so gute Freunde bleibt.
AVERY: Nun, er ist einfach ein guter Kerl!

AVERY: Sim, seu papai está vindo no Lebiste para o festival


BELFRY: Jason tá vindo pra cá, hein? Tem planos?
AVERY: Deus me livre. Ainda mais, ele está com a nova namorada dele.

AVERY: Mas eu vou dar um oi, claro.
AVERY: Se atualizar, bater um papo como era.

BELFRY: Eu acho que é ótimo que vocês dois ainda são bons amigos.
AVERY: Bem, ele é uma criatura boa!


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