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Page 269

Posted on
August 11, 2021

Chapter: Chapter 4

Characters: Belfry, Callie, Finn, Jason, Nora, Trisha

Tags: Cameo

Flatted by: Elle Pierre

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Author's Notes:

And now for your regularly scheduled plot interruption.

Thank you to Zaukodar for lending Callie, Ryan for lending Jason, Whyaylooh for lending Trisha, and Logan for lending Finn! And thanks to Lauren for flatting.

Taking a Temporary Hiatus: We'll Be Back Soon!

A little bit of unfortunate news, Caytlin has come down with COVID and needs some time to rest and recover. As such, the comic is going on a 3-week break. Tamberlane will return July 5th.

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Thank you to everyone for your understanding!

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BELFRY: Let's see... Are those the four grubworm platters over there?
TRISHA: One, two... Yep! Four!

JASON: Got some trout here, thanks to Finn!
FINN: T'en't nothin'.

BELFRY: And you've got the vegetables handled, Nora?
NORA: Yes, ma'am!

BELFRY: I didn't realize there was so much to keep track of on a school trip!
JASON: Just be glad the obligate carnivores are good with fish, this time!

BELFRY: Let's see... insectovores, check! Carnivores, check! Pescatarians, also check, and the vegetarians...

BELFRY: Wait, where are the kits?

BELFRY: Mal sehen... Sind das die vier Madenwurmteller dort drüben?
TRISHA: Eins, zwei... Yep! Vier!

JASON: Dank Finn hab ich etwas Forelle hier!
FINN: Nich's der Rede wert.

BELFRY: Und du kümmerst dich um das Gemüse, Nora?
NORA: Ja, ma'am!

BELFRY: Ich hätte nie geahnt, dass man auf einer Schulfahrt auf so viel achten muss!
JASON: Sei nur froh, dass die Fleischfresser unter uns dieses mal mit Fisch einverstanden sind!

BELFRY: Schauen wir mal... Insektenfresser, check! Fleischfresser, check! Pescatarier, auch check, und die Vegetarier...

BELFRY: Warte, wo sind die Kinder?

BELFRY: Vamos ver... Esses são os quatro pratos de lagartas ali?
TRISHA: Um, dois... Sim! Quatro!

JASON: Eu tô com uma truta aqui, graças ao Finn!
FINN: 'né nada.

BELFRY: E você está tomando conta dos vegetais, Nora?
NORA: Sim, senhora!

BELFRY: Eu não percebi que tinha tanta coisa pra tomar conta em um passeio de escola!
JASON: Só agradece que os carnívoros obrigatórios são bons com peixe, dessa vez!

BELFRY: Vamos ver... insectívoros, sim! Carnívoros, sim! Pescatários, também sim, e os vegetarianos...

BELFRY: Espera, onde estão os filhotes?


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