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Page 327

Posted on
October 19, 2022

Chapter: Chapter 5

Characters: Anthony, Cur, Kira, Marie, Piper

Tags: Cameo

Inked by: Jonas

Flatted by: Elle Pierre

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Author's Notes:

Hmmm... we might have an unreliable narrator here...

HEADS UP! I have been stuck in a really frustrating flare for a while and I am making the decision to take a one-month break from posting pages on Patreon and the public site. I'm gonna use that month to get slowly caught up at my own pace and rebuild my buffer. $10+ folks will continue to get pages as they're completed, and for everyone else, there will be a few fanart pieces that will go up instead. Thank you so much for your patience ahead of time while I take the pressure off and let myself recover a bit!

If you have a piece of fanart or comic that you'd like to see featured, please feel free to send it to!

See you on November 23!

SIDENOTE: I just found out that Tamberlane is available for nominating in the Webtoon Canvas Awards!! But only until the 20th! I'd appreciate any nominations you can offer!! (But don't forget to put in ALL of your nominations before you hit the submit button!)

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KIRA: Course we know. After all, Tamberlane attacked us!

KIRA: Yeah, she was wicked mad!
KIRA: We told her to go back to bed, but she wouldn't stop yelling at us!

KIRA: Yeah, and then she went feral and attacked Cur!
KIRA: And then Jonas tried to stop her, but she attacked him too!
MARIE: But... why would Tamberlane attack anyone?
ANTHONY: She doesn't really seem the type.

CUR: She was mad 'bout how we hurt Piper.
KIRA: Legedly hurt Piper.
PIPER: She got really hurt... because of me?
KIRA: Yeah, that sucks. Shouldn'ta gone ghost huntin' after all, huh?

KIRA: Claro que a gente sabe. Afinal, a Tamberlane atacou a gente!

KIRA: É, ela tava brava!
KIRA: A gente disse pra ela voltar pra cama, mas ela não parou de gritar com a gente!

KIRA: É, e então ela ficou doida e atacou o Rafeiro!
KIRA: E aí o Jonas tentou parar ela, mas ela atacou ele também!
MARIE: Mas... por quê a Tamberlane atacaria qualquer um?
ANTHONY: Ela não parece ser desse tipo.

RAFEIRO: Ela tava brava por que a gente machucou a Piper.
KIRA: Disseram que a gente machucou a Piper.
PIPER: Ela ficou muito machucada... por causa de mim?
KIRA: É, chato. Não deviam ter ido caçar fantasma afinal, hein?


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