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Page 265

Posted on
July 14, 2021

Chapter: Chapter 4

Characters: ArtieHattie, Marie, Parsley, Piper, Tamberlane

Tags: Cameo

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Author's Notes:

At last, Artie and Hattie get to display their entertainer skills!!! They have a tale of horror to tell you... and even Marie is spooked!

One Good Year for Anastasia

My friend's 6 year old daughter, whom I based Tamberlane on, has a fatal brain tumor and a prognosis of 1 year to live. I'm asking folks who love Tamberlane, if they're able, to throw a couple of dollars at their GoFundMe to give Anastasia a wonderful last year. Find out more here.


ARTIE: Gather round and lend your ears, my kits, and we'll tell you a story.
HATTIE: A story that lives in the beat of your heart and the pulse of your blood.

ARTIE: Pay no attention to the flickering candle...
HATTIE: or the shadows creeping up the walls.

ARTIE: For you've heard their names before.
HATTIE: Kits the world around know they stalk your dreams in the night.

HATTIE: With their huge mouths full of mismatched teeth...

ARTIE: And their endless legs that never tire, no matter how far you run...

ARTIE: Few dare speak their name, lest their attention turns to you.
ARTIE&HATTIE: Yes, my kits... We speak of... THE LONGWALKERS!

ARTIE: Sentem-se em volta e me emprestem seus ouvidos, meus filhotes, e lhes contaremos uma história.
HATTIE: Uma história que mora na batida do seu coração e no pulso do seu sangue.

ARTIE: Não se importem com as velas piscando...
HATTIE: ou as sombras subindo as paredes.

ARTIE: Pois vocês já ouviram seus nomes.
HATTIE: Filhotes no mundo todo sabem que eles seguem seus sonhos à noite.

HATTIE: Com suas bocas enormes cheias de dentes desarranjados...

ARTIE: E suas pernas intermináveis que nunca cansam, não importa quão longe você corra...

ARTIE: Poucos se atravem a falarem seus nomes, para não chamar a atenção deles.
ARTIE&HATTIE: Sim, meus filhotes... Nós falamos... DOS ANDALONGOS!


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