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October 05, 2016

Chapter: Chapter 1

Characters: Belfry, Henry, Tamberlane, Tess, Walter

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Author's Notes:

Not an abandoned kit!

Our Patreon just got a big revamp! If you enjoy Tamberlane and want to support its creation, I recommend checking it out!


TESS: Belfry! Are you okay?

BELFRY: We're fine!

DOG: We? Who's we?

BELFRY: Me and this Tamberlane!

BELFRY: I mean- the ghost!

DOG: Is it really a ghost??

BELFRY: No, I don't think so. I think it's an abandoned kit.

DOG: An abandoned kit?!

DOG: Poor baby!
TESS: Henry, it's probably just a wild animal.
HENRY: But it's abandoned!

TESS: Belfry! Bist Du okay?

BELFRY: Uns geht's gut!

HUND: Uns? Wer ist "uns"?

BELFRY: Mir und diesem Tamberlane!

BELFRY: Ich meine- dem Geist!

HUND: Ist es wirklich ein Geist??

BELFRY: Nein, ich denke nicht. Ich glaube, es ist ein verlassenes Kind.

HUND: Ein verlassenes Kind?!

HUND: Armes Baby!
TESS: Henry, es ist wahrscheinlich bloß ein wildes Tier.
HENRY: Aber es ist verlassen!

TESS: Belfry! Você tá ok?

BELFRY: Nós estamos bem!

CÃO: Nós? Quem é nós?

BELFRY: Eu e esse Tamberlane!

BELFRY: Quer dizer - o fantasma!

CÃO: Isso é realmente um fantasma??

BELFRY: Não, eu não acho. Eu acho que é um filhote abandonado.

CÃO: Um filhote abandonado?!

DOG: Pobre bebê!
TESS: Henry, é provavelmente só um animal selvagem.
HENRY: Mas é abandonado!


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