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Page 224

Posted on
July 8, 2020

Chapter: Chapter 4

Characters: Belfry, Tamberlane

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Author's Notes:



BELFRY: Because creatures in Abroad are Tainted, they can work with tools we can't.

BELFRY: So they make our plumbing go. And our running water!

TAMBERLANE: And the medicine.

BELFRY: Very good!

BELFRY: Yes, in Abroad, they have better medicine and machines to help sick creatures.

BELFRY: But going there and using it still Taints them.

TAMBERLANE: So that's why you hafta choose if you get bad sick.

BELFRY: Exactly.

BELFRY: But if you do go, even if you can't come home, you can still help your family!

BELFRY: You can help make the toilets work, for example.

BELFRY: That's why we send bad guys there, too. So they can get better by helping!

BELFRY: Does that make sense?


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