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Page 355

Posted on
August 30, 2023

Chapter: Chapter 5

Characters: Belfry, Briar

Inked by: Jonas

Flatted by: Elle Pierre

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Author's Notes:

Oops, Briar may have gone ... a little too far?

Join Caytlin and Ari as they celebrate the public launch of the official re-edit of the first four chapters of Tamberlane! And also CAYTLIN'S BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAYTLIN

We are SUPER excited to announce the public release of an EXTENSIVE edit of the first four chapters of Tamberlane! During our production of the Omnibus collection for the recently completed Kickstarter, we spent hours pouring over every page of the first Arc (Chapters 1-4), tweaking dialogue and art when needed, both for story consistency and to ensure the best telling of this story! Over the years, the Tamberlane Saga has evolved significantly and it was super gratifying to be able to go back and make adjustments.

To celebrate this big relaunch (which happens to be around Caytlin's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAYTLIN!!), we'll be hosting a launch party on Caytlin's Twitch on Friday, December 15 at 9AM PST! We hope to see you there! You can access the twitch here, or through the Twitch button in the navigation bar!


BRIAR: I know you're trying, Belfry.
BRIAR: It's okay to be not okay.
BRIAR: But you can't put that on Tamberlane.

BRIAR: Remember how Mum used to do that?

BRIAR: She'd get so angry, and then she'd blame it all on us.

BRIAR: You know I love Mum, but she always said her temper was so short because you were a pawful to raise.
BRIAR: But she used you to avoid responsibility. Her temper was never your fault.

BRIAR: You can't be that way, Belfry! You can't put your problems on Tamberlane!
BRIAR: She takes on too much as it is!
BRIAR: I'll bet taking on your stress is why she pushed you away at Bally Bluffs!

BELFRY: What would you know about what happened at Bally Bluffs?!

BRIAR : Je sais que tu essayes, Belfry.
BRIAR : Ce n'est pas grave de ne pas aller bien.
BRIAR  Mais tu ne peux pas mettre ça sur le dos de Tamberlane.

BRIAR : Tu te souviens comme maman le faisait ?

BRIAR : Elle se mettait tellement en colère et ensuite elle nous rejetait la faute.

BRIAR : Tu sais que j'aime maman, mais elle disait toujours qu'elle était si colérique parce que tu étais difficile à élever.
BRIAR : Mais elle t'a utilisée pour éviter toute responsabilité. Son caractère n'a jamais été de ta faute.

BRIAR : Tu ne peux pas être comme ça, Belfry ! Tu ne peux pas reporter tes problèmes sur Tamberlan !
BRIAR : Elle en subit déjà trop comme ça !
BRIAR : Je parie que ton stress est la raison pour laquelle elle t'a repoussée à Bally Bluffs !

BELFRY : Qu'est-ce que tu pourrais savoir de ce qui s'est passé à Bally Bluffs ?!

BRIAR: Eu sei que você está tentando, Belfry.
BRIAR: Não tem problema em não estar bem.
BRIAR: Mas você não pode colocar isso na Tamberlane.

BRIAR: Lembra que a Mãe fazia isso?

BRIAR: Ela ficava tão brava, e depois ela colocava toda a culpa em nós.

BRIAR: Eu sei que você ama a Mãe, mas ela sempre dizia que o pavio curto dela era por que você era uma pata cheia de se criar.
BRIAR: Mas ela usou você pra evitar responsabilidade. O temperamento dela nunca foi sua culpa.

BRIAR: Você não pode ser assim, Belfry! Você não pode colocar seus problemas na Tamberlane!
BRIAR: Ela já carrega demais do jeito que está!
BRIAR: Eu aposto que tomar o seu stress é o porquê dela ter te empurrado pra fora em Bally Bluffs!

BELFRY: O que você saberia sobre o que aconteceu em Bally Bluffs?!


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