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Page 228

Posted on
August 5, 2020

Chapter: Chapter 4

Characters: Belfry, Tamberlane, Callie, Marie, Piper, Anthony, Jason, Finn, ArtieHattie, Nora, Parker, Penny, Jonas, Cur, Kira, Coriander, Parsley

Tags: Cameo

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Author's Notes:

Time to go on a field trip!!!

This page took like... I'm going to conservatively guess about 25 hours to make. I hope y'all enjoy it!

Cameos abound on this page!

  • Finn, the otter loading the cart, belongs to LoganMadiso!
  • Callie, the lizard-dolphin schoolteacher, belongs to Zaukodar!
  • Hattie, the little top-hatted bat, belongs to Lightfox Lowell!
  • Jason, the lumberjack-lookin cat dad, belongs to my husband, Marco262!
  • Cur, the grumpy jackal-jerboa in an oversized coat, belongs to Chaon!
  • Kira, the alligator-cow, belongs to Ashley Nichols!
  • Jonas, the little racoon, belongs to...well, Jonas!

Whew!! Thank you all for all your patreon support! I appreciate you all!


OFF-SCREEN: Come on, then! Let's get our bags on the cart!

OFF-SCREEN: Be a good little tyke for Miss Callie, eh?

OFF-SCREEN: Can I feed the horsies, Miss Trisha?

OFF-SCREEN: I can't wait to explore the Bluffs!

PENNY: Marie! Anthony! Wait up!

KIRA: Oi, Jonas, you excited?

JONAS: Hey, guys! Yeah!

CORIANDER: Have fun at Bally Bluffs, will you?

PARSLEY: Aye, Mum, promise!

BELFRY: Alright then, Tamberlane? Ready to board the cart?


BELFRY: What do you mean, 'no'?


FORA: Vem, então! Vamos colocar nossas malas no carro!

FORA: Se comporte bem pra Senhora Callie, hein?

FORA: Eu posso dar de comer pros cavalinhos, Senhora Trisha?

FORA: Eu não posso esperar para explorar as Escarpas!

PENNY: Marie! Anthony! Espera aí!

KIRA: Ei, Jonas, tá animado?

JONAS: Oi, galera! Sim!

CORIANDER: Se divirta nas Escarpas Bally, beleza?

PARSLEY: Pó deixar, mãe!

BELFRY: Tudo bem então, Tamberlane? Preparada pra subir no carro?


BELFRY: O que você quer dizer com 'não'?



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