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Page 114

Posted on
November 01, 2017

Chapter: Chapter 3

Characters: Avery , Belfry

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Author's Notes:

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled pages! Thank you all so much for your patience while Caytlin wasn't feeling well. We all really appreciate it and we hope you enjoyed all the lovely fan art!!

As for Piper...let's see if she can behave long enough...haha!

~Panda assistant :D

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AVERY: Sure, maternal instinct can help, but we're creatures, not animals.
AVERY: We're not ruled by our instincts.

AVERY: Have you tried actually talking to Tess?
BELFRY: Of course I have! Like, a lot!

BELFRY: But no matter how many times I talk to her, she's just so STUBBORN!

AVERY: Have you tried listening to her?

BELFRY: NO! She wants me to abandon Tamberlane!

AVERY: Mmm, maybe.
AVERY: But if you ask me, that doesn't sound like the real roots.
AVERY: If you really want to repair this relationship you need to actually figure out why she feels like that.

AVERY: Sicher, der Mutterinstinkt kann helfen, aber wir sind höhere Geschöpfe, keine Tiere.
AVERY: Wir werden nicht von unseren Instinkten beherrscht.

AVERY: Hast du schonmal versucht, einfach mit Tess zu reden?
BELFRY: Natürlich hab ich das! Sehr oft sogar!

BELFRY: Aber egal wie oft ich mit ihr rede, sie bleibt einfach so STUR!

AVERY: Hast du schonmal versucht, auf sie zu hören?

BELFRY: NEIN! Sie will, dass ich Tamberlane loswerde!

AVERY: Mmm, vielleicht.
AVERY: Aber wenn du mich fragst, klingt das nichtnach der Wurzel des Übels.
AVERY: Wenn du diese Beziehung wirklich retten willst, musst du herausfinden, warum sie so denkt.

AVERY: Claro, instinto materno pode ajudar, mas nós somos criaturas, não animais.
AVERY: Não somos comandados por nossos instintos.

AVERY: Você já tentou falar de verdade com a Tess?
BELFRY: Claro que eu tentei! Tipo, muito!

BELFRY: Mas não importa quantas vezes eu tente falar com ela, ela é só tão TEIMOSA!

AVERY: Você já tentou escutar ela?

BELFRY: Não! Ela quer que eu abandone a Tamberlane!

AVERY: Mmm, talvez.
AVERY: Mas se você me perguntar, isso não soa como as reais raízes.
AVERY: Se você realmente quer consertar essa relação, você tem que descobrir de verdade por quê ela se sente assim.


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